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Scale Company Reviewsort icon Reviewed by Category Published
1/32 Eduard WWII USAAF Fabric Seatbelts Paul Mahoney Details July 29, 2013
1/32 Ultracast WWII USMC Seated Fighter Pilot Gregory "Pappy" Boyington Dave Morrissette Details June 29, 2015
Osprey Publishing X Planes Dornier Do 335 Hub Plott Publications November 24, 2018
1/48 Eduard X-1 Mach Buster (ProfiPack edition) Allan Murrell Kits January 31, 2017
1/144 Dragon Models X-15 Jim Pearsall Kits March 14, 2012
Zenith Press X-15: The World's Fastest Rocket Plane Ben Guenther Publications April 12, 2014
1/72 Res-Im X-29 Photo Etched Parts Phil Pignataro Details April 3, 2015
1/72 Res-Im X-29A Mask Phil Pignataro Details April 9, 2015
1/48 Scale Aircraft Conversions X-47B Landing Gear Dave Morrissette Details September 12, 2014
1/72 Platz X-47B Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV) - U.S. Navy Steve Collins Kits January 27, 2014
1/72 Platz X-47B with GBU-27 James Binder Kits May 1, 2014
Hikoki Publications X-Planes of Europe II: More Secret Research Aircraft from the Golden Age 1945-1971 Frank Landrus Publications May 26, 2016
Hikoki Publications X-Planes of Europe: Secret Research Aircraft of the Golden Age 1946-1974 Dick Montgomery Publications August 5, 2012
Osprey Publishing X-Planes: Jet Prototypes of World War II: Gloster, Heinkel, and Caproni’s Wartime Jet Programs Brian R. Baker Publications August 22, 2019
1/200 Cyber-Hobby XB-35 Flying Wing Ben Guenther Kits October 27, 2012
1/72 Brengun XB-70 Photoetch Detail Set Rod Lees Details October 20, 2017
1/200 Cyber-Hobby XB-70A Valkyrie Jack Kennedy Kits April 30, 2012
1/48 Planet Models XF10F-1 Jaguar Dave Morrissette Kits December 11, 2012
1/48 Scale Aircraft Conversions XF5U-1 Flapjack Landing Gear (KH) Frank Landrus Details February 21, 2016
1/48 Xuntong Xuntong TU-2T Torpedo bomber David Wrinkle Kits May 6, 2013
Scale Company Reviewsort icon Reviewed by Category Published
1/700 Lion Roar WWII USN Ladders and Gangplanks Charles Landrum Details October 11, 2010
1/700 Lion Roar WWII YD72 USN Crane Barges I Luke R. Bucci PhD Kits August 31, 2020
Space & Sci-Fi Vehicles
Scale Company Reviewsort icon Reviewed by Category Published
1/48 Fine Molds X-Wing Fighter Floyd S. Werner Jr. Kits January 1, 2009
1/35 Masterpiece Models XP-1937 Coastal Reconnaissance, Attack and Battery Scout - C.R.A.B.S. Dave Morrissette Kits August 11, 2018
Scale Company Reviewsort icon Reviewed by Category Published
Xuron Corporation Xuron Cutters Dick Montgomery Modeling Products January 4, 2016