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December 14, 2011
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QB 48-414
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1/48 Zvezda Bf-109F
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Quickboost has now added resin exhaust pipes specifically for the Zvezda 1/48 kit of the Bf-109F to their line. As with all their releases, this is meant to be a drop-fit replacement, so there are several 1/48 Bf-109F exhausts now available from Quickboost, each designed to fit a specific kit.

The Zvezda kit of the 109 differs from other manufacturers’ releases in that it includes a full engine (among other details) and has individual exhaust stubs. So the Quickboost exhaust designed for any other kit (molded as a single bank of stubs) certainly would not ‘drop-fit’ into a Zvezda model.

What you get in this set is one pour-stub containing 2 rows of 6 individual exhaust pipes. This is nicely protected on either end by a small wall of resin. Casting, as is the norm with Quickboost, is extremely crisp and smooth. The exhausts are deeply hollowed-out as well. In comparison to the Zvezda pieces, these are just slightly more rounded in shape and have deeper openings. The Zvezda parts look a little too rectangular and boxy compared to these pieces. It is a little difficult to interpret from photos of the real aircraft, as the exhaust pipes are usually not only grimy, but in the shadows as well. But, for my money, the Quickboost pieces capture the look a little better than the Zvezda ones.

One question I do have about these pieces is the weld seam that runs along the center of the Zvezda pieces. This is not present on the Quickboost exhausts. I believe these exhausts should have that weld seam. While it can be replicated using stretched sprue and some liquid glue, when you are paying for an after-market part this should not be the case. Given a choice between subtly changing the profile and deepening the opening on the Zvezda pieces, or replicating the seam on the Quickboost exhausts, I’m not sure which is more work.

I will note that Vector does include a similar set of exhausts in its correction set for the Zvezda kit. The exhausts in this set have the same subtle shape differences as Quickboost, but also have the weld seams and 2 spare pipes. Of course this is part of a larger package they offer and costs about $15.

Thanks to Quickboost and IPMS/USA for providing the review sample.


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