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August 14, 2013
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The Kit

The kit consists of 110 injection molded parts in the standard MiniArt colors; orange, maroon, black and white. All parts are relatively free of flash (some may have just a small bit around the attachment points) and are very crisp in detail.


As with the kits before it, the Country House is very well made. Being a smaller kit, assembly should not take much longer than an hour or two. A few points worth mentioning on this kit centers around the roof. As with prior offerings, the thin roof pieces seem to have a slight bow to them. Given that all of these meet in the middle, there may be some considerable use of cement or CA to get them to remain. I was able to resolve this by tacking them with a little cement and then gap filling with CA.

Final Thoughts

As with the other MiniArt offerings that I assembled, I found this kit extremely fun and easy to build. I would strongly recommend this to anyone interested in building 1/72 dioramas or need some inexpensive war gaming terrain. Thanks to MRC/Academy and MiniArt and IPMS for the opportunity to review this kit.


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