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August 22, 2016
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Base Kit

The advance THANK YOU to Furball aero design for sending IPMS USA these decals, and the fearless leaders at the reviewer corps for allowing me once again to do a review!

Every once in a while a product comes along that makes you wonder “why didn’t someone do this before?” In this case, framing on F-105’s is the subject.

I have struggled myself to paint the framing on canopies. Anything below 1/48 scale, “forget it”, and even then when it was attempted by yours truly, well, it was really awful. Because it’s so noticeable around the focal point of a model, the cockpit, office, whatever, it generally became an exercise in frustration.

These new decals by Furball, however, take care of the problem. You get two sets of decals: one designed for the F-105D single-seat and one set for the F-105F/G two seat models.

The decals themselves are durable, and using the “float off on to the plastic” method right off the decal paper like it’s supposed to be done, even back in the old “Aurora” model days when I started building. You will not have problems. They moved into place, and when the excess water was wicked off, stayed in place and were allowed to dry.

Basically, paint the model first, and when you have finished with flat coats, etc., remove the masking off the clear parts, then apply the framing where it is supposed to go. The framing will need a bit of future or clear acrylic coat to keep it from curling off the model, as decals don’t like to stick to unfinished plastic.

In this case, and in retrospect, I did a poor, hurried job at fairing the main canopy parts in a closed position. The Furball decals look great! As to the rest of the canopy, ‘Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”.

I was so impressed I purchased two more F-105 sets, plus some for F-14’s, F-4’s and the Mig-31… they are that good. A full 10 for this decal, thanks Furball and IPMS USA for sending these my way!


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