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October 30, 2011
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Tamiya has just released a new set of figures of German Military Police that could be used to enhance any diorama setting, or even a stand alone with a building or street scene. The kit consists of two sprues, one containing the figures and the other containing the accessories which are fairly well detailed. Also included in this kit is a very good likeness of a German Shepherd dog which will add to the realism of the figures.

Assembly is very straightforward with the instructions printed on the back of the box, which not only calls out the part number but also the colors for painting. Predictably, these color references are given to match Tamiya paints. Also included on the sides of the box and the inside flaps is pertinent information which will aid in the fine detailing of the figures, if you so choose. I thought that was a nice touch to utilize that space with helpful information. The parts fit together very well and the seams are such as they are placed where the clothing would have a seam. A few licks with a sanding stick will even things out. Features on the faces of the soldiers seem crisp enough for figures at this price and the accessories are also done well, along with the dog’s legs, head, ears and tail – they all fit together nicely. Even the dog’s fur was done well.

I was impressed with the quality, considering that these are not top of the line figures, and I would highly recommend them to add to your diorama for effect and enhancement. At this level of detail, I think that the price is right, but if you look around, I’m sure lower prices can be found. Check out their web site for other similar figures and diorama enhancements.

My sincere thanks go to Tamiya for offering this kit for review and to IPMS/USA for allowing me to review it.


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