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October 19, 2011
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Base Kit
AFV Club Nashorn
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This newly released radio for the AFV CLUB Nashorn kit is a really nice item. Included in Eduard’s kit are two radios which sit in a bay, one on top of the other, which is positioned between the ammo case and the rear door. Also included in the kit is a small set of headphones which attach to a small box above the radios that allows the operator to listen silently. It’s a pretty neat setup and will look nice in the rear compartment along with other items and stowage for a real look.

Even though one would think that it would be an easy build, be aware and don’t underestimate this build. One should have experience with photo etch products due to the real small pieces which have to be folded and carefully lined up and glued in place. Some type of folding tool will be necessary because some of the folds are very close to the edges in order to create a small lip for the faces of the radio to be glued to. The main “box” of the radio fits inside a bay of sorts which also have folds close to the edge in order to hold the box in place. The build is not really complicated but it is very tedious. A dry fit before gluing should be the norm because the parts are small and delicate and trying to undo something will cause the part to bend and twist and it will never look the same. However care and patience will produce an awesome radio to enhance your build.

I definitely recommend this kit, but again, it is certainly not for beginners and a folding tool, in my opinion, is required. My thanks go out to Eduard for submitting this product for review and a thank you to IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review this product.


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