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September 6, 2011
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This series of decal sheets is long overdue, and covers an area that modelers have needed for a long time. I have had experience with Aviaeology’s products in the past, and have found them to be excellent quality decals. One advantage that this company offers is that they always do their homework in historical research, getting things right.

The decal sheets, in white (AOD72C23m) and black (yellow and red are also available, AOD72C20m and AOD72C21m) and are intended to portray the code letters often seen on the fins and rudders of wartime Japanese Naval aircraft. These sheets are primarily for smaller, single engine types, so you’d need to use the 1/48 scale sheet for larger bombers. A few kits have included these markings in their decal sheets, but to do anything but a “box art” model, you’ll need a good supply of numbers and characters. I’ve seen lots of US, British, and German letters and numbers available on after-market sheets, but never Japanese markings of this quantity and quality. The envelope also includes a very useful explanation of the process of applying the decals, along with some material on the historical use of these markings. In addition, references are given for a number of useful sources of Japanese aircraft markings, including Thorpe, Francillon, Koko Fan, and Model Art publications.

If you have any interest in Japanese aircraft, these decals sheets will prove very useful, and save you searching through boxes of old decals looking for the right markings. They are also available in 1/48 scale, for those who don’t care to build in the “One True Scale”. Don’t miss out on these. Get them while they are available. Highly recommended.


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