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March 7, 2021
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“With these colours and effects, you will be able to simulate different types of dirt accumulations on the tracks and wheels of any vehicle, from dust accumulations to clumps of sticky mud, even rust and polished metal. Included in the package is a Quick Tip guide with step-by-step colour photographs showing how to apply all of the authentic effects mentioned above.

Each reference in the Super Pack series includes the essential products needed to accurately represent the most common weathering effects used in modelling. Among these products are Oilbrushers, pigments, and enamel washes, filters and Streaking Effects required to produce authentic finishes in your models. All the colours are provided in this all-in-one option, you do not need to worry about sourcing the different products necessary for each effect individually. A great idea and solution for every enthusiast recently initiated in modelling, and wise veteran seeking the correct and accurate colours required conveniently selected and provided in a single box.”

The Box contains the following:

1x quick Tips one page sheet for using the provided contains

  • A.Mig-0033 Rubber & Tires Acrylic Paint 17ml
  • A.Mig-0035 Dark Tracks Acrylic Paint 17ml
  • A.Mig-0039 Light Rust Acrylic Paint 17ml
  • A.Mig-0040 Medium Rust Acrylic Paint 17ml
  • A.Mig-1704 Heavy Earth 35ml
  • A.Mig-1705 Wet Mud 35ml
  • A.Mig-1751 Dry Steppe Splashes 30ml
  • A.Mig-3003 North Africa Dust Pigment 35ml
  • A.Mig-3021Polished Metal Pigment 35ml
  • A.Mig-1002 Track Wash 35ml
  • A.Mig-3510 Rust Oilbrusher 10ml
  • A.Mig-3523 Dusty Earth Oilbrusher 10ml

I used some assembled individual track links and wheels from the parts box to trial each of the tips and products in included in the Solation set.

The double-sided Quick Tips guide in full color with captions. Is a great touch, the "Quick Tip" sheet consists of two sections; One for Tracks and one for Wheels. Each section is then broken down into several steps printed in both English and Spanish.

The track tips and products were used to produce the finishes on the sheet. I was very impressed with the Dark Tracks Acrylic paint which applied very nicely and looked great. I will use this on all future tracks builds. The other materials all applied very well to the tracks and gave the finishes as shown with very little effort and give a great look to the Tracks. The mud and earth material were also great products that I look forward to using in a build soon.

For the wheels once again, the products are very easy to apply and give a very good effect as shown, I did have some trouble getting the rain mark type finish as shown but I am sure this is possible with more practice and use.


I would highly recommend this solution set and the products as individual purchases if you do not need the whole set. The Oilbrushers which I must admit I was very sceptical of when they were first announced. I for one have found them a awesome addition to my tool box and use them more and more to great affect. I love the AMMO weathering products and are my go to product.

Thanks go to Ammo by MIG Jimenez for providing this kit to review and IPMS USA for allowing me to review it for them.


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