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January 3, 2012
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QB 48 407
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Not all Quickboost parts are grey resin. Some are yellow, red and blue! That’s right…among the latest releases from Quickboost are sets of multi-colored aircraft recognition lights. This one, set #QB 48 407, is sized for 1/48 scale models. It includes three sprues; one each of transparent yellow, red and blue resin, which contain three small cylinders that will fit typical bezels found on most 1/48 scale aircraft.

After carefully drilling out the lights that are cast on the underside of an aircraft’s wings or fuselage with a drill bit that matches the diameter of these little castings, each of the cylinders can be placed in their corresponding hole and anchored with a drop of future, epoxy or superglue. It should make an easy job of enhancing the detail in that area of any kit that does not include clear parts to do the job.

The parts appear to be long enough to fit most situations as is, or may be trimmed if necessary. If they are trimmed, it may be necessary to polish the ends with a polishing/buffing stick before installing them.

This is a most welcome addition to the Quickboost line of detail parts and is highly recommended.

My thanks to Quickboost and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review this detail set.


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