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December 25, 2017
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AOA is a newer decal company and they are a purpose driven. AOA’s goal was to fill the gap of a lack of decals for Vietnam era – Desert Storm era aircraft on the aftermarket scene and boy what a way to make an entrance by going to the 1/32 Trumpeter A-6/A-6E Tram models. For those of you looking for new markings for USAF/USN/Marine aircraft in all 3 scales, they should be added to your list.

What’s on the Sheet?

This Particular sheet covers 6 including the ill-fated 1967 Forrestal flight deck explosion and fire disaster and their more well-known markings from the 1970s USN Tram intruders from the Vietnam war through the Cold War era.

The aircraft covered are as followed:

  • A-6A NL-401 (151821) – USS Constellation (1966)
  • A-6A NL-413 (151819) – USS Constellation (1966)
  • A-6A AA-511 (152899) – USS Forrestal (1967)
  • A-6A NH-505 (155585) – USS Kitty Hawk (1968/69)
  • A-6E AG-510 (158539) – USS Independence (1974/75)
  • A-6E AG-502 (158045) – USS Independence (1975/76)

The Decals are extremely bright and colorful with very little to none carrier film, AOA has used Cartograf to handle their printing needs and anyone who knows about Cartograf know you are getting what you paid for with live colors, quality, and accuracy which we have become accustomed to with Cartograph.

These decals come with a total of 5 front/back printed pages of diagrams for decal placement and stencil locations, there is a metric ton of decals and attention must be paid seeing as tram and standard intruders are on these sheets. The other addition AoA has included is a Trumpeter specific sheet that tells you of modifications needed to model an accurate tram when using their sheet.

I did not notice any particular color callouts or specific brand of paints recommended so I would assume use whatever fancies you and makes you happy, I prefer model master as theater specific callouts are easier found through their lineup in my opinion

My thanks to IPMS and AOA models for giving me the opportunity to review these decals and seeing another quality item on the market for large-scale jets.


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