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February 20, 2015
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Base Kit
Made for: Any vehicle
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Hauler gives us one photo-etched sheet containing 66 wheels of four different sizes. Each size comes with a six spoke and a five spoke design. You get a set of three of each spoke design. Most have a round indentation in the center that can be drilled out to use a mounting point.

It is recommended to use a new blade to cut these off the sheet, since cleaning up the attachment point is very hard. These are so small and thin, I bent a few trying to cut of clean them up. I also found that gluing to a toothpick before cutting, helped to not damage them.

I left these glued to the toothpick and used photo-etched burnishing fluid to darken them.

These would work great in an open top artillery or self-propelled gun to replace some of the cranks on the guns laying drives. You could also use as half steering wheels by cutting off a couple of the spokes.

I would like to thanks Hauler and IPMS for the opportunity to reviews this product.


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