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January 4, 2014
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Base Kit

SAC continues their production of replacement landing gear parts for various kits. This set, engineered for the newly tooled 1/72 Airfix Vampire T.11, is a faithful and delicate copy of the kit parts, but undoubtedly stronger. In the photo below the plastic kit parts are on top with the SAC parts below them for comparison.

I was impressed with the thinness of the main gear doors and the smooth surface texture of all the parts. No pits, no holes, and compared with the kit parts, all was true, including the keyed axles. There’s a little bit of flash needing cleanup, but then, that exists on the plastic parts, too. A few swipes with a fine file will take care of it.

Vampire models are notorious tail-sitters and need a fair amount of weight in their small nose cavities, but the SAC nose gear won’t help much in that regard---it’s about the same weight as the kit’s plastic one.

Two complete sets of this diminutive gear (for an equally diminutive aircraft) are included in the bubble pack. Recommended.


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