Miscellaneous - Modeling Products

Company Scale Title Reviewed by Publishedsort icon
Roll Models, Inc. Precision Punch & Die Set Bill Kluge September 24, 2010
Reaper Miniatures Reaper Miniatures Master Series Paint Set #6 Dave Morrissette October 11, 2010
Xuron Corporation Professional Photo Etch Scissors Bart Cusamano October 11, 2010
The Detailer Black-It Out Washes Rob Folden October 18, 2010
Alclad II NEW FROM ALCLAD II Ed Kinney December 27, 2010
Grex USA Genesis.XG, and XN Series Double Action Top Gravity Fed Airbrushes Mike Hoekstra January 6, 2011
Grex USA Tritium.TG Series - Dual Action Pistol Style Airbrush, Top Gravity Mike Hoekstra January 6, 2011
Roll Models, Inc. Sub-Miniature Punch and Die Set Dave Morrissette January 10, 2011
Alclad II 6 NEW PRODUCTS FROM ALCLAD II Ed Kinney March 14, 2011
CB Model Products Scale Aircraft Wheel Sander Floyd S. Werner, Jr. March 19, 2011
Flightpose Adjustable Stand for Model Aircraft and Collectibles Dave Morrissette April 20, 2011
Gunze Sangyo Gunze Sangyo Mr Paint Station Tom Jett April 20, 2011
Hasegawa Adhesive Detail & Marking Film Red Roger Rasor April 21, 2011
Alpha Precision Abrasives Inc. Alpha Precision Abrasives Modeler's Introductory Package Pablo Bauleo July 14, 2011
ModelMakerZ Weathering Pigments Tom Sprawls July 31, 2011
Scale Offerings "Goddess of Flight" Display Stand Dick Montgomery September 27, 2011
Badger Airbrush Company Badger Renegade Krome Airbrush Dick Montgomery June 17, 2012
Alclad II Alclad II Candy Enamels Ed Kinney June 21, 2012
Badger Airbrush Company Badger MODELflex Color Sets Dick Montgomery June 22, 2012
CB Model Products Punch & Die Set Floyd S. Werner August 1, 2012
Italeri Italeri Acrylic Paint: Red, Yellow, and Gloss Clear Coat Rob Benson August 14, 2012
Italeri Italeri Acrylic Paint Brian R. Baker August 16, 2012
Italeri Italeri Acrylic Paints Jim Pearsall August 16, 2012
Italeri Acrylic Paint – Russian Green Marc K. Blackburn August 18, 2012
JH Models Wooden Stand for Building, Painting, and Transporting Models Dick Montgomery August 18, 2012
JH Models Wooden Stand for Building, Painting, and Transporting Biplane Models Dick Montgomery August 19, 2012
Blast-A-Way Blast-Away Sandblasting Cabinet Dick Montgomery August 22, 2012
UMM-USA Sprue Cutter Rick Bellanger August 28, 2012
Hasegawa Cutting Templates A & B Dick Montgomery September 9, 2012
Hasegawa Trytool Tweezers Roger Rasor September 19, 2012
Xuron Corporation Xuron Professional Sprue Cutter Michael Scott December 19, 2012
Alclad II Alclad II Accurate & Precise Airbrush Sets Ed Kinney December 27, 2012
Xuron Corporation Pro Photo-Etch Scissors Eric Christianson January 2, 2013
Plusmodel Styrene Sheets 0.4mm Eric Christianson April 25, 2013
UMM-USA 3D Hand Grab Bender Pablo Bauleo September 16, 2013
JH Models Masking and Transfer Foils Greg Wise October 16, 2013
Flex-I-File Flex-I-File Brushes Mike Van Schoonhoven October 24, 2013
Iwata Medea 875HT Smart Jet Plus Iwata Compressor – Studio Series Dick Montgomery October 30, 2013
Deluxe Materials Perfect Plastic Putty Pablo Bauleo December 4, 2013
Deluxe Materials NA Create and Shape Greg Wise December 11, 2013
Deluxe Materials Liquid Gravity Pablo Bauleo December 11, 2013
AK Interactive Dark Steel Pigment Pablo Bauleo February 25, 2014
AK Interactive AK Interactive Primer and Thinner (60 ml bottles) Pablo Bauleo February 26, 2014
Deluxe Materials Pin Flow Glue Applicator Dick Montgomery, February 26, 2014
Plusmodel Tweezers - Flat Tip and Crossed Type Dick Montgomery March 3, 2014
Eduard Shapes Templates Pablo Bauleo May 18, 2014
Eduard Dropper (Glue Applicator) Pablo Bauleo May 20, 2014
UMM-USA Micro Mitre Box Steve Collins June 7, 2014
AK Interactive Landing Gear Weathering and Wash Materials Dick Montgomery July 7, 2014
Gator Masks n/a Gator Glue Pablo Bauleo July 13, 2014