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Scale Review Reviewed by Published Product Type
Mercedes-Benz SL 230 Series 2001-2011 Rob Booth April 20, 2019 Publications
Franklin's Indians: Irish Motorcycle Racer Charles B. Franklin Designer of the Indian Scout and Chief Benjamin Guenther April 11, 2019 Publications
How to Build a Successful Low-Cost Rally Car Doug Cole March 16, 2019 Publications
The Essential Buyers Guide, Ford Mustang, Fifth Generation/S197 2005 to 2014 Chris Smith March 13, 2019 Publications
Great Cars - Volkswagen Beetle - A Celebration of the World’s Most Popular Car Allan Murrell March 3, 2019 Publications
CN7: The Inside Story of Donald Campbell’s Last Land Speed Record Car Frank Landrus November 13, 2018 Publications
American Woodies 1928 - 1953 Pablo Bauleo September 16, 2018 Publications
Ford GT: Then and Now William O'Malley July 14, 2018 Publications
Tinplate Toy Cars of the 1950's & 1960's from Japan "The Collectors Guide" Allan Murrell September 19, 2017 Publications
Diecast Toy Cars of the 1950s & 1960s "The Collectors Guide" Allan Murrell August 22, 2017 Publications