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Japanese Airfield Fire Extinguisher

Published: August 23rd, 2019     
Japanese Airfield Fire Extinguisher
Reviewed by: David Wrinkle, IPMS# 45869
Scale: 1/72
Company: Brengun

  I have to say I was intrigued by this model offered by Brengun that would a great piece to add with your Japanese ground-based aircraft display base.  My hopes are that I will eventually have an opportunity to try the 1/48 scale version of this accessory. J


Typical with Brengun's other releases they provide the end user with some extremely nicely cast parts molded in a darkish grey resin.  If there were any imperfections, they were not noticeable to my eye. I found the parts delicate buy not fragile. The resin was reasonably pliable making removal from the pour stubs easily achievable with a little patience.  I can't overstress to double; triple and quadruple check the instructions before removing the parts. My extinguisher nozzle assembly runs a bit shorter than it should L


Les Artilleries Françaises de la Révolution et du Premier Empire

Published: August 21st, 2019     
Les Artilleries Françaises de la Révolution et du Premier Empire
Author: Jean Marie Mongin
Reviewed by: Gino Dykstra, IPMS# 11198
Company: Heimdal

If you're a serious figure modeler and have a thing for the incredibly colorful and resplendent uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars, this book from the series should get your attention. One of a range of large-format books by this publisher, it's a virtual cornucopia of detail and information regarding the artillery arm of the French Army from 1786 through 1815, when Napoleon met his own "Waterloo."

The entire book is in French and offers no subtitles, although this won't be much of a deterrent to any serious modeler as the book is almost exclusively color plates anyway. These cover literally every aspect of the French Artillery arm including ALL uniforms, equipment and ordnance. If you have access to the excellent Historex range of kits, much of what you find in this book will be reproducible, including the forges, wagons, and other equipment used, plus a lot of stuff I'd never seen before. I didn't know, for instance, that the artillery arm made pontoon bridges. Fascinating!

Although the book offers no table of contents or index, I used my meager high school French to translate the various sections, which are:


Published: July 28th, 2019     
Reviewed by: Allan Murrell, IPMS# 49715
Scale: 1/35
Company: Hauler

Hauler has provided another addition to the great Diorama releases. This is two great Umbrellas for use anywhere.

The detail quality is great; The parts are very delicate parts that need careful removal and added to the assembly. You have to provide your own wire to make the handle and center post, which I think Hauler could have included.

The Assembly is quick and easy. Please be careful cutting the vacuum formed Umbrellas.

The final part is painting which is free for you to do as you please.

Thanks go to Hauler for providing this kit to review and IPMS USA for allowing me to review it for them

Special Cargo - Handle with Care Sandy and George Skip

Published: July 27th, 2019     
Special Cargo - Handle with Care Sandy and George Skip
Reviewed by: Frank Landrus, IPMS# 35035
Scale: 1/24
Company: Master Box Ltd

Master Box Ltd, out of the Ukraine, has been a leader in 1/35 figures for a while. They expanded into 1/24 female and fantasy figures in 2016, starting with their first series of six female figures representing the World War II era. This current series, Truckers, is ideal for modern Class-8 truck vignettes and dioramas. Sandy and George "Skip" is the ninth release in this series with more on their way.

The kit comes in a standard end opening box. Pulling out the parts, you will first see that the box is probably three times too large, but in return you get a nice painting on the cover by V. Petelin, and instructions on the back with color callouts in Vallejo, Lifecolor, Tamiya, and Mr Color. I will note that the plastic figures sculpted by A. Gagarin are not identical to the cover paining, but it is very close. The figures represents a truck driver with his left hand on the steering wheel and his other hand on Sandy's "waist". Packaging of the eighteen parts are protected within a re-sealable bag.

Master Box "Irene Leroi"

Published: July 2nd, 2019     
Master Box "Irene Leroi"
Reviewed by: Michael Reeves, IPMS# 51129
Scale: 1/24
Company: Master Box

I've always been a huge fan of Master Box figures-- using them in vignettes and dioramas whenever I can. So when I got the email offering up one in 1/24 scale, I jumped at the chance not knowing anything about this new line. I figured I could use it with a car or truck like some of their previous lines featured. So while I was waiting for the shipment to arrive, I started doing some research.

This particular figure is part of a new series called "At the Edge of the Universe" set in a world called Steamplanet. Being a huge Firefly fan where the sci-fi steampunk meets the old West, this looked right up my alley. The back of the box provides a bit of an idea of the setting. The whole thing has me wanting either a book series or movie based on the story ideas presented in this line of figures - with additional kits featuring space security forces, ruffians, ladies, and robots.