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An example article from the IPMS/USA Journal provided as a downloadable PDF file.

Middle Eastern Missile

Published: October 6th, 2011     
Author: Wes Shirley
Volume 18, Issue 4
Date: May, 2006

Building Trumpeter's 1:35 SA-2 in Egyptian Colors

Like many modelers, I'm a student of history, and I find myself reading history more than normal because of my modeling. I first became interested in the SA-2 when I was doing research on a 1:32 scale F-105D, and I was fascinated at how the F-105's went from hunted to hunter of the SA-2.

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Time Defying Tanker

Published: June 14th, 2011     
Author: Ed Wahl
Volume 22, Issue 5
Date: September, 2010

Crafting the New Hackensack Fire Company’s longest-serving truck in 1:24

I remember when I was young; I would go to the firehouse with my father and loved looking at these tankers at the fire company. I just enjoyed looking at their sleek sides, and I was in awe knowing that it carried 2000 gallons of water. For a kid, that is a lot of bathtubs. And when the truck was running, the thunderous sound of the Detroit Diesel made it sound like a powerhouse of a machine. I never knew that when I got older, this tanker would eventually be a mark in history for the New Hackensack Fire Company as the longest in-service vehicle. And I also never even dreamt that I, as an active member, would eventually be able to drive this truck to calls myself.

Sabre at Sea

Published: April 1st, 2011     
Author: Bill Dye
Volume 22, Issue 4
Date: July, 2010

Converting a 1:72 F-86E into the prototype FJ-2 Fury

For the last several years I’ve been writing a collection of memoirs about my 36 years in aerospace. One story involves a guy named George, a designer who I had worked with briefly on the Space Shuttle program at North American Rockwell in the early ’70s. When I knew him he was a seasoned North American guy and one of the Shuttle designers. I was a one-year-out-of-college new hire in the Aero-sciences Department assigned to Shuttle aerodynamic heating wind tunnel testing.

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Gutsy Gustav

Published: February 28th, 2011     
Author: Floyd Werner
Volume 22, Issue 5