Reviews of products for scale automotive models, including motorcycles and motorized vehicles.

1985 Oldsmobile 442/FE3-X

Published: May 13th, 2018     
1985 Oldsmobile 442/FE3-X
Reviewed by: Jim Stepanek, IPMS# 48016
Scale: 1/25
Company: Revell Inc.

This is a review of the Revell '85 Oldsmobile 442/FE3-X show car. I built it as a factory stock 442.


Zero to very little flash was on the engine components. Two items I disliked were the valve covers and oil pan molded to the block. Should have been separate pieces.


Extremely distinct engraving on the interior pan. Door panels are separate pieces as are the front seats. The rear seat is molded to the interior pan. Dashboard allows two different decals for the gauge cluster and there's two steering wheels.


The body offers several variations. If you want to build the FE3-X version, additional body panels are available as well as three different front clips. Fortunately the front & rear bumper assemblies also attach to the frame when installing - makes for easier glue points.

I painted the car with Tru-Color metallic cameo white covered with a 2 part urethane clear.

'78 GMC Big Game Country Pickup

Published: April 27th, 2018     
'78 GMC Big Game Country Pickup
Reviewed by: Mark Costello, IPMS# 31795
Scale: 1/24
Company: Revell, Inc.

This kit is a modified re-release of the Monogram GMC High Roller kit from 1981 (the parts have a 1978 copyright on them) with differences being different decals and the "Ground Hawg" sidewall markings are missing from the tires.


The kit comes packaged in the usual Revell 1/24/25 size cardboard box with 5 bags of white, clear, and chrome molded parts as well as the rubber tires.  The tires were floating around in my box, as the bag they were in doesn't look like it was sealed all the way. The clear parts are bagged separately. There is a total of 5 sprues of white plastic plus the separate cab, 1 sprue of chrome, 1 sprue of clear, and the 4 rubber tires.  All this adds up to a total of 92 plastic parts.  The parts are molded with good detail and some flash. There are some ejector pin marks that will need to be addressed. I am hoping my kit was a one-off as some of the ejector pin marks were extremely deep, almost all the way through the part.

From A Porsche 962C Limited Edition

Published: April 17th, 2018     
From A Porsche 962C Limited Edition
Reviewed by: John Kaylor, IPMS# 48733
Scale: 1/24
Company: Hasegawa


After the Porsche 956 was banned from competition in the IMSA GTP in 1981 on safety grounds because the driver's feet were ahead of the front axle centerline, Porsche made modifications to the vehicle to make it eligible for competition. The 962 debuted at the 1984 24 Hours of Daytona with Mario and Michael Andretti driving. It lead the race until lap 127 when it encountered engine and gearbox problems. These problems were worked through and it had a lot of success from 1984-1993. A total of 91 962s would be produced between 1984 and 1991, with its final victory occurring at the 1993 IMSA GTP Championship.

Kit Contents

The kit consists of a total of around 70 parts on two main black sprues; a clear sprue; several sprues with wheel parts; a rubber sprue with 4 tires; two sheets of decals, one large one with the decals for the car, and the other smaller one with two decals per tire; and an 8 page instruction sheet.

ZZ Top Eliminator

Published: April 3rd, 2018     
ZZ Top Eliminator
Reviewed by: Ron Bell, IPMS# 12907
Scale: 1/24
Company: Revell Inc.

The Kit

The Eliminator was built for the rock band ZZ Top and has been featured in many of the band's videos. It's a sleek hot rod made from a '32 Ford Coupe in bright red with the ZZ Top logo on the side. The Revell kit of this car is faithful to the original with decals for the side logos and logos even molded into the valve covers and air cleaner on the engine, which is nicely detailed and with the addition of an ignition system would display very well with those logos highlighted in red. The interior consists of a seat, nicely detailed dash and steering column with the floor pedals molded into the floor pan part. Details of the upholstery are given in decals, which adds a nice touch. There are 70 parts in total molded in red, clear and chromed and four nicely detailed rubber tires. A younger modeler could build this kit without paint as it is molded in the prototype's color with the chrome accents, but the advanced modeler will want to add a higher gloss finish.

Norton Commando PR 750cc Motorcycle

Published: March 31st, 2018     
Norton Commando PR 750cc Motorcycle
Reviewed by: Greg Hansel, IPMS# 46474
Scale: 1/9
Company: Italeri

Introduction: I was very excited to have the opportunity to review this kit. I love the older motorcycles and this kit did not disappoint. According to, the kit is a new tool. But I believe it is a reboxing of the old Protar kit from the 70s line the Norton Manx kit. The kit is definitely a product of the 70s era. The term "agricultural" came to mind as I was examining the sprues. Not to say it's a bad kit at all...far from it, but it was tooled back in the day and it is not shake and bake. The kit comes on seven sprues and has two substantial rubber tires that hold their shape well. There are a large number of screws in various sizes as well. An interesting feature of the kit is the hoses. They are pre-formed in soft pliable rubber. No measuring, no cutting to length. There are a few minor sink marks on some of the body panels, but they are able to be sanded out with no filler. On to the build!!