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U-2A Dragon Lady

Published: May 17th, 2019     
U-2A Dragon Lady
Reviewed by: Dave Morrissette, IPMS# 33653
Scale: 1/48
Company: AFV Club

The U-2 is one of those historic planes that many people have heard of whether they are fans of planes or not. From the shooting down of Francis Gary Powers to its long service of gathering intelligence, it has always interested me. AVF Club has issued their first kit of this iconic plane as the U-2A Dragon Lady.

Inside the box, there are eight grey sprues with petit panel lines and no flash, easily the equivalent of top-flight manufacturers. One crystal clear sprue is provided along with a large decal sheet and a nice picture of the box art. There are three options in the box for markings:

  • Air Force Test Center, Edwards Air Force Base, 1960
  • National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, 1958
  • 4080th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, Laughlin AFB, 1959
  • 4080th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, Laughlin AFB

The first three planes are natural metal with black glare panels. The AFTC plane also has orange markings and I chose this one for its interesting markings. The last plane is overall Light Blue, FS36473. Color call outs are listed for 6 different paints which is nice.

B-25 Wheels

Published: May 15th, 2019     
B-25 Wheels
Reviewed by: David Wrinkle, IPMS# 45869
Scale: 1:72
Company: RES-KIT

Before starting this review, I was un-aware of RES KIT and now that I am aware, I will certainly keep an eye open for some of their other accessories. They supply modelers with resin ordnance, weapons, wheels, engines, intakes as well as figures. Check them out!

Currently on my workbench is an Airfix B-25C/D and I thought I might give the wheels from RES KIT a try on the model when it is finished. For a very reasonable amount of money, RES KIT provides you with a very nicely set of detailed wheels for any B-25 Mitchell. (Also available in 1/ 48 scale.) RES KIT supplies you with nicely molded set of wheels molded in dark grey resin. The wheels are molded separately from the hubs which really saves a bunch of time NOT having to mask the wheels for painting.

RQ-7B Shadow UAV

Published: May 15th, 2019     
RQ-7B Shadow UAV
Reviewed by: Ben Morton, IPMS# 47301
Scale: 1:72
Company: Brengun

Wikipedia strikes again!: The AAI RQ-7 Shadow is an American unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) used by the United States Army, Australian Army, and Swedish Army for reconnaissance, surveillance, target acquisition, and battle damage assessment.

Launched from a trailer-mounted pneumatic catapult, it is recovered with the aid of arresting gear similar to jets on an aircraft carrier. Its gimbal-mounted, digitally stabilized, liquid nitrogen-cooled electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) camera relays video in real time via a C-band line-of-sight-data link to the ground control station (GCS).

The RQ-7 Shadow is the result of a continued US Army search for an effective battlefield UAV after the cancellation of the Alliant RQ-6 Outsider aircraft. AAI Corporation followed up their RQ-2 Pioneer with the Shadow 200, a similar, more refined UAV. In late 1999, the army selected the Shadow 200 to fill the tactical UAS requirement, re-designating it the RQ-7.

Legends of Warfare P-47 Thunderbolt

Published: May 14th, 2019     
Legends of Warfare P-47 Thunderbolt
Author: David Doyle
Reviewed by: Blaine Singleton, IPMS# 50734
Company: Schiffer Publishing Ltd


Among the iconic aircraft of World War II, the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt not only was physically the biggest single-engine fighter, it also had and enormous impact on history.

P-47's were flown by 132 US Army Air Force squadrons during the Second World War, but they were not flown only by Americans. The Aircraft also served with sixteen British Royal Air Force squadrons and four French squadrons, as well as Brazilian, Chinese, and Mexican squadrons attached to US units. The Soviet air force also prominently flew Thunderbolts, through the exact number of squadrons equipped with the massive fighter is uncertain.

The Author

David Doyle's earliest published works appeared in periodicals aimed at the hobby of historic military vehicle restoration. By 1999 this included regular features in leading hobby publications, appearing regularly in US, English and Polish magazines. Since 2003, over 100 of his books have been published. Broadening his horizons from his initial efforts concerning vehicles, he soon added aircraft and warships to his research objectives.

Flight Craft 14: Messerschmitt Bf-109

Published: May 14th, 2019     
Flight Craft 14: Messerschmitt Bf-109
Author: Robert Jackson
Reviewed by: Floyd S. Werner, Jr., IPMS# 26266
Company: Pen and Sword Aviation

The Bf-109 is an iconic fighter of the Third Reich. Developed in 1935 the single engine monoplane fighter struck fear into the enemies of the Reich until the end of the war. Continuously developed throughout the war the fighter even survived the fall of Germany in the air forces of Spain, Czechoslovakia and ironically the fledgling Israel.

This softbound book contains 80 pages of high quality paper and 100 color illustrations and pictures. The book includes a variety of black and white historical images, as well as, a number of contemporary color photos not just of the Bf-109 but also its opponents. There are eight pages of color profiles that are quite nice and run the entire production from the first 109 to the last Spanish and Czech ones.

This book is geared towards the model builder with 31 pages dedicated to models in various scales. All the major manufacturers are represented up to the time of printing in a variety of scales from 1/144th to 1/24th. The models are nicely done. Some are better than others, but overall it does offer good advice on how to improve each kit. This will prove invaluable to the model builder.

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