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Bf 109F-4

Published: October 17, 2017
Company: Eduard

Entering service in June 1941, the Bf 109F (Friedrich) corrected some of the limitations revealed in the Battle of Britain, namely the ability to carry extra fuel in a drop tank under the centerline. Other distinguishing features included strutless tail planes and a refined nose profile. Personally, I always associated the Friedrich with Hans-Joachim Marseille who scored many of his 158… more

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Bf 109F-4 Weekend

Published: October 15, 2017
Company: Eduard

This is a detail set for the excellent Bf 109F-4 (kit84146) from Eduard that I wrote up in a separate review. Another in the "Zoom" sets this includes the instrument panel, rudder pedals, seat harnesses and other small cockpit details. There are radiator faces for front and back, screens for the tropical filter and the actuator arms for the filter cap. One important addition is the tail… more

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P-38 H/J Lighting "European Theatre"

Published: August 7, 2017
Company: Hasegawa

Yet another rebox of a familiar kit from Hasegawa. This time we're treated to two P-38s with limited edition "European Theater” decals representing the early H model "Texas Ranger" flown by Lt. Col Jack Jenkins and a J model "Jenne" flown by Capt. Roy Scrutchfield. The later regalia is very familiar to those of us who built the Monogram kit from years ago.

The kits are old Hasegawa… more

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2014 Mustang GT

Published: June 9, 2016
Company: Revell, Inc.

In 2010 Ford introduced a restyled Mustang known internally as the S-197 platform. The fifth generation of the iconic pony car featured design cues from the 1960s fastback including a body shape with hard edges, scalloped side panels and hooded headlights for a more aggressive look. As it turned out, this generation would mark the return of the Mustang muscle car. In 2011 the GT version… more

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Dornier Do 17z vs. Boulton Paul Defiant Mk 1

Published: April 1, 2016
Company: Airfix


On 26th of August 1940 during the Battle of Britain, the two aircraft represented in this kit met over the English coast, during which the Do-17z would fall victim to the guns of the Defiant, and the Defiant itself would fall victim to escorting Me 109s moments later. Two of the four German crew were lost in the encounter. The Defiant’s crew survived a crash… more


Do-17 Metal Landing Gear

Published: March 3, 2016
Company: Scale Aircraft Conversions

This set (SAC #72120) replaces the main gear legs and retraction struts along with the tail wheel. You have to use the kit main wheels and fenders. You get five metal reproductions of the kit parts in the usual soft white metal. That’s where my difficulty with this set started. Airfix has done an excellent job of reproducing very delicate landing gear parts… more

Defiant Mk. I Metal Landing Gear

Published: March 1, 2016
Company: Scale Aircraft Conversions

Another of the many sets from SAC that I’ve used. Like those this one (SAC #72110) reproduces the kit parts in soft white metal with one exception, the tail wheel part leaves a gap over the tire that looks more refined then the kit part. Test fit the main wheels on their mounts because that is the point the part was cast from. When you cut it from the sprue,… more

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Defiant Mk. I Rounded Exhaust

Published: February 23, 2016
Company: Quickboost

This is direct replacement for the Airfix part. At first glance you might question why a replacement is needed as the kit part is actually very nice. Upon closer examination you’ll see that Aires has spared the trouble of drilling out the exhaust tips to represent the open ends of the pipes. It’s worth the price of admission if you what to avoid that tedious task. The parts are easy to get off… more

Defiant Mk. I Fishtail Exhaust

Published: February 23, 2016
Company: Quickboost

This is direct replacement for the Airfix part. Like their rounded exhaust (part 72 482 see my other review) this is also a direct replacement for the kit parts. This detail set has the exhaust ends drilled out to save you the trouble of doing so. That’s especially helpful given the oval shape of the exhaust ends. The parts are easy to get off the casting block and a perfect match for the… more


Boulton Paul Defiant Control Surfaces

Published: February 23, 2016
Company: Aires Hobby Models

This set replaces the horizontal stabilizers and elevators of the base kit. While the Airfix parts are certainly nice in their own right, this set allows the control surfaces to be posed and have slightly thinner trailing edges for a more scale appearance. Be very careful trimming the resin away from the mounting tabs and test fit to ensure as close a fit as the kit parts provide. The… more