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Gloster Gladiator Mk. 1 in Foreign Services

Published: May 7, 2020
Company: ICM

Recently I had the pleasure of tackling ICM’s new Gloster Gladiator aircraft kit in 1/32nd scale. As is, the kit comes with a couple of British Air Service options for early World War 2 campaigns, but if you want something a bit more exotic, ICM has answered the call with a new decal sheet offering markings for four different nations which also used the Mk. 1 – China, Greece,… more

Tank Battles in East Prussia and Poland 1944-1945

Published: May 5, 2020
Book Author(s): Igor Nebolsin
Company: Helion & Company

Towards the end of World War 2 some of the most vicious tank battles were being fought on the Eastern Front as Russian forces pushed their way into the back door of the Third Reich. Although not on the scale of the Kursk campaign earlier in the war, these slugfests involved some of the heaviest, most sophisticated armored units the world had seen up to that point, and most engagements were… more


French Zouaves

Published: May 4, 2020
Company: ICM

Zouaves were a branch of light infantry serving in the French Army from 1830 to 1962. Their flamboyant costumes were patterned after indigenous Algerian Berber troops, and were so popular that variations on this costume were adopted by countries worldwide, several zouave units serving with distinction in the American Civil War. The French units served in these outfits for a brief time at the… more

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I-16 Type 10 WWII China Guomindang AF Fighter

Published: May 1, 2020
Company: ICM

This Polikarpov fighter, developed in 1934, took a lot of its design ideas from the then-revolutionary Gee-Bee racing airplane of the same period – that is, the largest engine that could be fit into the smallest airframe. Adding retractable landing gear and four rifle-caliber machine guns and you had the miniscule I-16, a staple of the Soviet air force through the early part of World War 2,… more

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Gloster Gladiator Mk.1

Published: March 28, 2020
Company: ICM

ICM continues to floor me with the boldness of their release choices, and the Gloster Gladiator in the impressive 1/32nd scale range is certainly one of them that I never expected to see in my lifetime.

The Gloster Gladiator was one of the rare biplanes to see combat service in World War 2 and was the last operation biplane fighter in British service, seeing service in most… more

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WW1 ANZAC Desert Patrol

Published: March 26, 2020
Company: ICM

ICM has been going full bore on World War One ground war models for some time now, and during this process have come out with a variety of Model T variants from the period. As was the case elsewhere at the time, the Model T was pretty much ubiquitous, and served on all fronts in a remarkable range of roles. This latest offering provides no less than three variants all in one package.



Wasp Flamethrower Jeep

Published: February 9, 2020
Company: Meng Model

Meng sure does like to pop up now and then with the unique. This model is a case in point – a model of the single prototype flamethrower jeep developed for the British special services unit referred to as “Popski’s Private Army.” Why this particular concept didn’t take off isn’t really too hard to grasp. Imagine running around behind enemy lines in a completely unarmored vehicle with several… more

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Desert Battle Series: Skull Clan – New Amazons. This is not the place for strangers!

Published: February 7, 2020
Company: Master Box Ltd

Master Box sure enjoys exploring new venues for its range, and their growing post-apocalyptic series is one really worth watching. As always, the concepts are inventive and the execution quite pleasing. This latest five-figure set (really a diorama in a box) is no exception.

Four lovely ladies of the notorious Skull Clan have captured some unfortunate from another tribe and are… more

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WWII German MG08 MG Team

Published: January 27, 2020
Company: ICM

ICM has made something of a name for itself in recent years by releasing some of the nicest WW1 figure sets available on the market. Along with infantry figures, they have started releasing machine gun sets with crew, which is certainly an appropriate addendum to their WW1 line.

Their excellent MG08 is actually available with two separate crews – one appropriate to its World War I use… more


Building Gemini: A Guide for Scale Model Builders (Space in Miniature #9)

Published: January 14, 2020
Book Author(s): Mike Mackowski
Company: Space in Miniature

Mike Mackowski has made something of a name for himself by his relentless pursuit of All Things Real Space in Miniature. This, his ninth publication along these lines, continues the saga as he delves into a number of models both real and speculative regarding the infamous Gemini space program from the 1960’s.

One of the lingering frustrations of those interested in this era of NASA is… more