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'23 "T" Delivery Van

Published: October 7, 2015
Company: Round 2 Models

It has been some 35 years since this version on the Ford Model “T” Delivery Wagon has been issued from AMT. Surprisingly the molds have held up fairly well with little flash or exaggerated seams. Do to the engineering of the kit however, there is a great deal of punch holes to be dealt with. See photo reference #2.

The AMT plastic is typical to their current releases, not too soft, not… more

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Batman Stock Car

Published: October 7, 2015
Company: Round 2 Models

AMT recently released the NASCAR Car of Tomorrow Racing Dreams Snap/it generic race car with some special markings attempting to appeal to the wider base of children modelers. The kit is simplified in its parts count and if the directions are followed a fairly simple build. Clippers, a file or sanding stick, hobby knife and screw driver are all that are needed to complete this kit. Painting is… more


Ford Police Car

Published: October 4, 2015
Company: Revell, Inc.

This new Snap and Play kit from Revell is part of a series of kits going after the most junior of modelers. Ideal as a first model kit these models are pre-finished in a multitude of colors and have the minimum parts count to simplify constructions.

All the parts are packed in individual plastic bags to retain their finish and are removed the spure runners with the attachment points… more

SAC Parts

F-35 C Landing Gear

Published: August 9, 2015
Company: Scale Aircraft Conversions

SAC has recently issued a replacement cast white metal gear set for the new third in a series Kitty Hawk F-35s in 1/48thnd scale. Following the issue of the Kitty Hawk’s F-35A and F-35B, the F-35C is the U.S. Navy version with larger wing surfaces and heavier landing gear suitable for carrier landings.

I will be using the Kitty Hawk instruction parts numbers to identify the… more

OV-10D Parts

OV-10 D Landing Gear

Published: August 8, 2015
Company: Scale Aircraft Conversions

SAC has recently issued a replacement cast white metal gear set for the new beautiful and enormous Kitty Hawk OV-10D in 1/32nd scale. Kitty Hawk will also be issuing this kit in an OV-10A/C version soon and this gear should work well for that kit as well.

Big Note Here: This is not an issue with the SAC gear but with the Kitty Hawk OV-10D. Kitty Hawk calls for the… more

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1941 Ford Custom Woody

Published: June 24, 2015
Company: Round 2 Models

Growing up along the Central Coast of California it was common to see Woodies for all types throughout town, at the car shows, school parking lots, and definitely at the beach. They were as familiar as the Volkswagen Vans and Chevrolet Corvairs. Not as frequent as Volkswagen Bugs or Ford Mustangs. I always thought of them as beatnik wagons as those that drove them seamed a little disheveled… more

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1979 Pontiac Trans Am

Published: June 24, 2015
Company: Round 2 Models

In 1979 Pontiac sold 116,535 Trans Am models which still hold the record to this day. My relationship with the Pontiac Trans Am goes back to an evening ride with my high school chum Kendal Morbito in his white 1976 Pontiac Trans Am. We cruised around town a little then headed out to the freeway. After two rather abrupt high speed turns the yanked my eyeballs from the sockets, I was hooked. On… more

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2014 Ford F-250 Raptor

Published: June 24, 2015
Company: Revell, Inc.

For those of you who might be skeptical of building a snap tite kit (too easy, not detailed enough, kids toys) this would be the perfect opportunity to put your uncertainty aside and try one out. I had some reservations myself but after watching my 18 year old son bang one of these out in a weekend and it looking purely awesome on the shelf, I though I could do no worse.

I chose to… more

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Published: May 1, 2015
Company: Academy Models


The F/A-18D is a two seat variant of the early McDonald Douglas Hornet. The rear seat of this variation is configured to allow a Marine Corps naval flight officer to function as the system and weapons officer similar to that of the F-15E Strike Eagle rear seater. In this roll there are no flight controls situated in the rear cockpit. With the US Marine Corp the F/A-18D serves… more

Detail Set Parts

A-6E Landing Gear

Published: November 14, 2014
Company: Scale Aircraft Conversions

Scale Aircraft Conversions has released a set of white metal front and rear main gear for the Hobby boss A-6E 1/48 scale. The set includes 12 parts, a front gear strut with actuators and scissors, two main rear struts also with actuators and scissors. These twelve parts are replacements for kit parts front gear parts # F58, F18, F33, F32, F52, F29, F45, F46, F49, left main gear parts F23, F27… more