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Professional Sprue Cutter - 2175ET

Published: March 2, 2019
Company: Xuron Corporation

Our good friend and supporter Abby Robey of Xuron supplied several new tools to us for review. Up first is this sprue cutter. Like all of Xuron’s tools, this is a finely crafted tool that will deliver years of service if properly used. That means plastic only – the fine cutting edges are shaped to deliver a near-flush cut on soft plastic – use them on metal and you’ll damage that edge.


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Professional Sprue Cutter - TK3600

Published: March 2, 2019
Company: Xuron Corporation

Here’s the second review of some new tools from our friends at Xuron up in Saco, ME.

The Photo-Etch Tool Kit consists of three discrete tools:

  • Model 9180ET Professional Photo-Etch Scissor
  • Model 450 Tweezer Nose Pliers
  • Model 575 Micro Bending Pliers

I’m currently working on an Eduard Spitfire in 1/72 scale with some incredibly tiny p/e… more

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E.R. Engels II. LeRhone (with Skis)

Published: December 29, 2018
Company: Omega Models

Designed and built by Russian engineer E.R. Engels, the Engels II was a parasol-winged monoplane flying boat first flown in 1917. Designed to fly using wing warping rather than ailerons, the aircraft was at one time the fastest flying boat in service. An egg-shaped pod held the fuel tank and structure for the 120 HP LeRhone rotary engine. Armament was a single, fixed 7.62mm machine gun… more

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SH-3 A/D Sea King

Published: October 12, 2018
Company: AFV Club

AFV Club is a Taiwan-based venture, founded by a hobby shop owner in the late 1980’s. With a growing catalogue of kits in various scales and genres (armor, aircraft, ships, figures and accessories), AFV have made a name for themselves as a niche supplier of subjects. This little gem is no exception.

The Sea King, entering service in 1961, was Sikorsky’s first truly amphibious helo and… more

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GeeBee R2 Racer

Published: August 14, 2018
Company: Dora Wings

Dora Wings is a relatively new company with a number of low-pressure injection mold releases. I contacted them and we were fortunate to receive two new kits - a P-63E King Cobra (reviewed elsewhere on this site) and the iconic Gee Bee R2 racer. There’s plenty of history to be found regarding this little bumblebee of an airplane - maximum sized engine stuffed into the smallest possible… more


C.S.S. Hunley Civil War Submarine

Published: April 14, 2018
Company: MikroMir

Disclaimer: Mikro-Mir’s 1/35 CSS Hunley is probably one of the more accurate representations of this iconic Civil War submersible. As preservation of the original craft continues, more details come to light regularly. There are numerous interpretations of different features of the boat, and online research probably raised more questions for me than answered them. In the end, I elected to go… more

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German Type UB-1 submarine

Published: March 25, 2018
Company: MikroMir


“The Type UB I was a class of small coastal submarines (U-boats) built in Germany at the beginning of the First World War. Built to meet the need for small maneuverable submarines able to operate in the narrow, shallow seas off Flanders, the vessels were intended to be quickly constructed, then shipped by rail and assembled at their port of operation. The design effort… more

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Cyanoacrylate Glue Products

Published: March 2, 2018
Company: Bob Smith Industries, Incorporated

Our friends at BSI sent along a box of current and new releases across their line of CA products. Some of these may be familiar to you, others, like their new Plastic-Cure brush on product, were new to me.

Let’s take a look at the family of BSI products:

BSI-105 Plastic-Cure Adhesive: this new ½ ounce product comes in a bottle with a brush cap.… more

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German WW I Machine Gun Spandau LMG 08/15 (2pcs)

Published: February 25, 2018
Company: Master Model

Master Models’ Spandau product consists of a beautifully etched and rolled set of cooling jackets, 2 exquisitely machined barrels, two tiny muzzles, and a sheet of 3 pairs of photo etched jacket ends – the front incorporating a ring sight, the rear having a bracket. MM considerately includes a spare set of these, which, amazingly, I did not have to use – no sacrifices to the carpet gods this… more

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F-106A Delta Dart

Published: December 28, 2017
Company: Trumpeter

As the follow-on to the F-102 Delta Dagger and a beneficiary of the area rule applied to later models of that predecessor aircraft, the F-106 was known as the “ultimate interceptor”. Serving almost 30 years in the USAF, various ANG units, and as a NASA research platform, the F-106A saw a production run of 277 aircraft. Equipped with a Hughes MA-1 integrated fire control system designed to… more