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“Fireball” Roberts ’57 Ford

Published: December 28, 2013
Company: Revell, Inc.

A rather large box arrived from the Review Corp helper the other day, containing several car kits and one airplane. The boxes all were the same to me. These are cars and to be honest, other than helping a nice lady sell off her late son’s collection, I know nothing about cars. I am however learning a large amount of information from them. This kit had a lot more weight to it than all the… more

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Generic/Universal Wooden Crates

Published: December 13, 2013
Company: Value Gear

Value Gear has been on the model scene for about two years now. The company is out of Ireland where the owner/operator is a Daytime Dad and a nighttime casting machine. These are almost his words off the website. The premise behind the idea is “Any Army Any Era. This is a great concept and a wonderful application. NO helmets, roadwheels or weapons that will “set” the stowage. These items… more


Deal’s Glitter Bug

Published: December 6, 2013
Company: Revell, Inc.

Memory Lane……As a bonafide TreadHead, I am not much of a model nostalgic. My first armor kit was the old 1/48 Aurora Sherman. While it was a great kit and got me hooked on my TreadHead ways, I have no desire to find one and build it again. However, building the first model that I ever built would be neat! I actually have one of those. I paid $95.00 for it on Ebay and thought I would never… more

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Thunderbirds The Mole Mini

Published: December 5, 2013
Company: Aoshima

Thunderbirds are GO!!!!! For those of my generation, that was a great call tag! For the younger crowd, I am sure they have still heard about International Rescue. Gerry and Sylvia Anderson created one of the greatest series ever to be broadcast! There were only two 50 episode seasons created. However, those two seasons spawned two movies and tons of different merchandising items to include… more

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Meng Shi 1.5 ton Military Light Utility Vehicle – Convertible Version for Special Forces

Published: December 5, 2013
Company: Hobby Boss

The EQ2050 Meng Shi (also known as Dong Feng Armour) is the 1.5 ton capacity, four-wheel drive troop/cargo carrier truck developed and built by Dong Feng Motor Corporation (DFM). The vehicle was based on the General Motors High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) with some minor modifications. This would definitely explain why it looks so similar. According to Chinese media reports… more

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20-foot Military Container

Published: November 15, 2013
Company: Italeri

In the current hobby where making obscure one-offs has seemingly become the norm and where every manufacturer feels they have to make a kit with more than 300 pieces and at least one 2x3 sheet of photo-etch, Italeri stands alone! I must applaud them for making that stand! One of their latest releases is a kit that contains only twenty two pieces. There is no PE, no clear or colored styrene… more

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Russian BM-21 Grad Multiple Rocket Launcher

Published: August 15, 2013
Company: Trumpeter

This was another item that had been on the review list for some time before I volunteered for it. As this vehicle comes with almost no external markings, Steve said I could do it as a Middle East Vehicle. I am thinking Syrian Militia based on a picture I came cross surfing the web. However, I do need to include some information about this particular kit as it might actually be a “What If… more

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Published: July 24, 2013
Company: Plusmodel

You simply can’t get any easier than this. You get 14 resin bags in different combinations almost ready to be used as you need. Seven of them appear to be large potato-filled bags, while the other seven might be sand bags. One piece is three of the potato filled sacks already stacked on each other. Three of the four single potato bags have the same pose and the other is different. Three… more

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Israeli Merkava ARV

Published: June 10, 2013
Company: Hobby Boss

This was on the review list for some time before I volunteered for it. This vehicle comes with the anti-slip texture that is missing on so many newly released Merkava-based kits, and I could not understand why no one wanted to review it. Maybe it was because it is one of two prototypes currently being evaluated by the Israeli Defense Forces. This version is called the NAMER ACHZAKA and it’s… more

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US GPW ¼ ton 4x4 Utility Truck (Mod.1942) w/10-CWT Trailer & Airborne Crew

Published: May 7, 2013
Company: Bronco Models

Bronco has joined the list of manufacturers that have released a kit of the venerable “Jeep”. I believe Heller was the first, then Italeri, then Tamiya (twice) and Dragon. This (by first looks alone) is the New Standard! Bronco of course calls it a, “U.S. GPW ¼ ton 4x4 Utility Truck” but it is a “Jeep”! The title was probably changed for fear of copyright infringement attorneys. The box… more