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Model Art AFV Profile, #3, Sturmgeschutz III "Long Barrel"

Published: December 6, 2011
Company: Model Art

Destroyed over 20,000 of enemy's tanks!
Thoroughly explain about the professional of antitank warat it thoroughly dissects only one AFV so that the readers can be fully informed about it.

The acclaimed AFV Profile 3rd issue is featured on Sturmgesch,tz III “Long Barrel.” Sturmgesch,tz III is the only one that was able to fight against KV, a Soviet heavy tank and T-34, a Soviet… more

Box Art

GAZ-69 Anti-Tank Vehicle 2P26 "Baby Carriage"

Published: November 28, 2011
Company: Bronco Models

This has got to be the best last couple of years for the Middle East Wars modeler enthusiast. Tamiya is releasing an M-1 Super Sherman (not really Super, just a Sherman used by the IDF). Dragon is releasing several useable kits for the period, one of which is a newly tooled Bison II that could be used by the Egyptian Army. A company called Meng Model has offered an injection molded import… more

Box Art

M1078 LMTV & FMTV Detail Set

Published: November 8, 2011
Company: Pro Art Models

Pro Art Models released this upgrade set after the arrival of the Trumpeter LMTV (01004). With the kit’s overall sparseness in the cabin area, this is just the ticket. The box art shows the tires also but these are not included in the kit. You will need Pro Art’s 35030 (5 wheels) or 35037 (7 wheels).

This set contains approximately 67 cream-colored resin parts, 50 PE parts, and a… more

Book cover

Vehicules Combat d'Infanterie (Infantry Fighting Vehicles)

Published: August 28, 2011
Book Author(s): Youri Obraztsov
Company: Histoire and Collections

With a title like this and John writing that the text was in French, I assumed this book was going to be all about French Infantry Fighting Vehicles. Yep, I was wrong! As I started thumbing through the book and scanning over the included vehicles, I realized that this was a nice collection book about Infantry Fighting Vehicles all over the world. This is very neat “recognition handbook”. A… more

Box Art

M5 Stuart Tank Walk Around

Published: July 8, 2011
Book Author(s): Jim Mesko
Company: Squadron Products

My oh My!!! By definition that men are visual creatures……I am men!!! I LOVE getting reference books that are FULL of pictures of vehicles. Save the reading and writing for another form of model builder. Give me a picture, obscure or basic, and I am a very happy camper. Squadron’s new series of walk arounds have not been… more

Box Art

Heavy Duty Cases (Modern)

Published: May 23, 2011
Company: Pro Art Models

Pro Art Models has been around since 2002. I first found out about them when I was looking for aftermarket items to hop-up the Italeri HEMTT (Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck). They were one of the only names in the game. They had details for the interior, exterior, the fuel pump system and tires. They now carry a highly detailed rear mounted crane. They also carry a few radio sets that… more

Box Art

YW-531C Armored Personnel Carrier

Published: April 7, 2011
Company: Bronco Models

The YW-531C has a history dating back to the early sixties. The Chinese firm Norinco produced the first indigenous vehicle and rolled it off the assembly lines as the Type 63 in 1963. It was fraught with mechanical and technical issues that were quickly overcome. As with all base vehicles, many variants and ideas were applied to and tested on the design. In 1982 the Type 63C started rolling… more

Box Art

British Infantry, North Africa, 1941 - 1943

Published: March 14, 2011
Company: Master Box Ltd

Master Box continues to release some really nice and different figure sets. These rests are very different than other sets on the market and usually very “in action” type poses. They also make a series of dual sets. These are designed to be easily made into a combat action series of figures. On their website, this is listed as #2 which means the German figures should be #1. The only issue is… more

Formations packaging

Directional Tires for SkyBow 3/4 Ton Dodge

Published: February 23, 2011
Company: Celticwerks

Editor's note: This is a combined product review using Formations and Celticwerks kits as described by author. Both products are noted as "Special Order" by author. Contact product manufacturers as noted. Formations parts are noted by author as $12.00 .

It’s funny how the small… more

Parts in set

T-34T Post War Tank Retriever

Published: February 14, 2011
Company: Celticwerks

I have been a dedicated TreadHead for many a year now. That love also has a few sub divisions of TreadHeadiness. Yea, like that is a word. I have always thought Recovery Vehicles were so neat. Whether they were based on an actual combat vehicle like the M-31 and M-32 or completely their own design like the M-88. They all look so neat! The Russians were just like any other Army in the world.… more