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Monthly Model Art 2016 January issue

Published: March 31, 2016
Company: Model Art

Model Art Issue 932 is typical of other Model Art magazines in that it is written entirely in Japanese, with occasional English words, usually in article titles or in captions.

This issue covers:

  1. LED installation for the Hasegawa Egg Yamato ship. The gun turrets look cool all light up!
  2. A comparison of 1/48 Tamiya Zeros
  3. An overview of Japanese… more

Box Art

Mitsubishi T-2

Published: February 24, 2016
Company: Platz


The Mitsubishi T-2 was a jet trainer aircraft used by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. In 1967, Japanese aviation firms Fuji, Kawasaki, and Mitsubishi, each submitted proposals, and in September 1967, under lead designer Dr. Kenji Ikeda, Mitsubishi's design was selected. The official… more

Book cover

Civil Aircraft Markings 2015

Published: January 6, 2016
Book Author(s): Allan S Wright
Company: Crecy Publishing, Ltd.

From the Outside Cover

First published in 1950, Civil Aircraft Markings quickly became the aviation equivalent of Wisden, an indispensable annual publication found on the bookshelves of generations of aviation enthusiast and historians.

At the heart of CAM is the most complete listing of all aircraft currently on the UK Register of Civil Aircraft, over 21,000 entries ranging… more

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Satisfaction of Captain Henry Morgan

Published: December 14, 2015
Company: Round 2 Models


Sir Harry Morgan was a British privateer, buccaneer, and admiral of the Royal Navy. He made himself famous during activities in the Caribbean, primarily raiding Spanish settlements, and was considered a pirate only to the Spanish, whom he was lawfully attacking. He earned a reputation as one of the most notorious and successful privateers in history, and one of the most… more

Book cover

Avro Manchester

Published: November 10, 2015
Book Author(s): Tony Buttler
Company: Warpaint Books, Ltd.

From the Inside Cover

The Avro Type 679 Manchester is considered to be one of the failures of British military aviation history and certainly the period of time it spent in service with Bomber Command was not particularly happy.

I found the service career of this aircraft to be particularly interesting. The Manchester was designed in 1936 as a heavy bomber capable of carrying… more

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Avia B.534 Weekend Edition

Published: October 12, 2015
Company: Eduard


The Avia B.534 was developed in 1934 as an extension of the B.34 fighter. This version was produced in small numbers for the Czechoslovak Air Force with several engine/airframe modifications. The aircraft was used in various roles by the Czech in WW2 and the Germans found them formidable enough that they kept production going into 1941. But rapid advancements in aircraft… more

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Bf 110C Destroyer Weekend Edition

Published: September 19, 2015
Company: Eduard

The Messerschmitt Bf 110, often (erroneously) called Me 110,[2] was a twin-engine heavy fighter (Zerstörer—German for "Destroyer") and fighter-bomber (Jagdbomber or Jabo) developed in Nazi Germany in the 1930s and used by the Luftwaffe and others during World War II. Hermann Göring was a proponent of the Bf 110. It was armed with two MG FF 20 mm cannons, four 7.92 mm (.312 in) MG 17 machine… more

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1941 Plymouth Four Passenger Coupe

Published: September 7, 2015
Company: Round 2 Models


Billed as the low priced car that's most like the high priced cars…the 1941 Plymouth offered Big 3 buyers an attractive, soundly engineered and thoroughly modern automobile. The Special Deluxe Four Passenger Coupe is a prime example of Chrysler Corporations emphasis on low priced luxury. Priced at $925 it featured a longer wheelbase that its competitors for a big car ride;… more

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Beechcraft G17S Staggerwing

Published: August 27, 2015
Company: Round 2 Models


At the height of the Great Depression, aircraft executive Walter H. Beech and airplane designer T. A. "Ted" Wells joined forces to collaborate on a project to produce a large, powerful, and fast cabin biplane built specifically for the business executive. The Beechcraft Model 17, popularly known as the "Staggerwing" was first flown on November 4, 1932. During its heyday it… more

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SA365N2 Dauphin 2 (Dolphin) French Marine Helicopter

Published: July 19, 2015
Company: Trumpeter


The Eurocopter SA 365/AS365 Dauphin 2 (Dolphin) is a medium-weight multipurpose twin-engine helicopter currently produced by Airbus Helicopters. It was originally developed and manufactured by French firm Aérospatiale, which was merged into the multinational Eurocopter company during the 1990s. Since entering production in 1975, the type has been in continuous production for… more