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Italian Propaganda Posters

Published: October 11, 2012
Company: Archer Fine Transfers

Archer Fine Transfers has released some of the best decals and dry transfers an armor modeler could ever ask for. Now they have gone it again and released a gem for Italian Company Dioramas.

This set includes 22 posters printed in waterproof ink packaged in a baggie with the standard Archer Logo. These miniature posters measure ¾ x1” and are sharp and very colorful. Printed instructions… more

Detail Packaging

German Propaganda Posters Set 3

Published: October 11, 2012
Company: Archer Fine Transfers

This 1/35 scale set of 22 posters in waterproof ink is a must for diorama builders invading/defending The Fatherland. These posters measure ¾ x 1” and are a great addition to dioramas. The colors are bright and the lines are sharp and crisp. The only thing that I see to be a problem is the instructions. They simply read, “cut out poster and attach to diorama subject with adhesive. May be… more

Parts Packaging

Me-163B Komet Armament and Pitot

Published: September 22, 2012
Company: Master Model

A great aftermarket product from the Polish company Master Model, Air Master series: an Me-163B Armament and Pitot Tube set. Inside the plastic baggie you get 2 brass Mg 151 machine gun barrels and a brass pitot tube. These three aftermarket details will make the Hasagawa kit even better. The Hasagawa kit’s pitot tube is much heavier and too bulky looking. The one from Master Model is longer… more

Box Art

Bf-110D-3 Zerstorer

Published: August 18, 2012
Company: Dragon Models

The Messerschmitt Bf-110, often called the Me-110, was a twin engine heavy fighter (zerstorer – German for destroyer) in service of the Luftwaffe during WW II, armed with four 7.92mm machine guns in the upper nose and two 20mm cannons in the lower nose. It was also equipped with a 7.92 mg15 defensive rear-mounted gun and could carry up to 4410 lb in bombs. The D-3 version was a long-range… more

Box Art

Soviet IT-1 Missle Tank

Published: June 28, 2012
Company: Trumpeter

Let me start this out as saying this is my first IPMS review and I hope you find it informative and interesting. The IT-1 was a Soviet Cold War missile tank based on the chassis of a T-62. Instead of a main gun, the tank fires specially designed 3M7 Drakon missiles from a pop-up launcher atop the turret. The vehicle saw very limited usage from 1968-1970. The tank became unpopular with the… more