Reviews of books or magazines relating to scale modeling.

Top Drawings #61: Messerschmitt Bf-110 Vol. II

Published: March 31st, 2019     
Top Drawings #61: Messerschmitt Bf-110 Vol. II
Author: Maciej Noszczak
Reviewed by: Jason Holt, IPMS# 40139
Company: Kagero Publishing

The Messerschmitt Bf-110 is another iconic mainstay of Luftwaffe aviation that is most recognizable to almost any aviation enthusiast. Originally designed in the 1930's, the 110 was one of the Luftwaffe's heavy-fighter/bomber mainstays. Originally it was anticipated to be replaced in the early 1940's by the Me-210, but due to the 210's poor performance issues the 110 was given a second chance.

Due to the cancelation of the Me-210, the Luftwaffe had decided it needed to continue to utilize the 110 airframe. In order to do so the 110 needed to overcome its shortfalls in order to keep up with the ever changing and rapid developments in aviation during World War Two. Through the procurement of more powerful engines for the 110 airframe it was able to prolong the use of the aircraft well to the end of the war.

The Research Squad, Panther Project Volume 2 - Engine & Turret

Published: March 25th, 2019     
The Research Squad, Panther Project Volume 2 - Engine & Turret
Author: Lee Lloyd, Brian Balkwill, Alasdair Johnston
Reviewed by: Chris Renninger, IPMS# 51246
Company: Casemate Publishing


The second volume of Panther Project follows the Restoration process of the Engine and Turret process along with its connected systems, information on Zimmerit. Some very nice Hull walk around along with interior photos, there are 440 photographs that make up this book along with some nice technical drawings of components.


Before they dive in on the restoration there are several pages on the History of the Panther tank along with the usual introduction. The rest of the book is broken up by each year on restoration 2007 2009 2013 2017 and 2018 and at the back are some references and technical drawings for the restoration process. Each chapter is broken up by what job is being done and gives the page numbers for easy reference. I'll be posting a picture of the index page as there is a lot of work going into each section.

Tracks & Wheels

Published: March 24th, 2019     
Tracks & Wheels
Author: Ruben Gonzalez, Michel Perez
Reviewed by: Bill O’Malley, IPMS# 46473
Company: AK Interactive

Tracks & Wheels is part of AK Interactive's Learning Series of books that are profusely illustrated how-to guides that include step-by-step instructions on how to assemble, paint, and weather kits. Other titles in the learning series include:

  • Metallic Paints
  • Flesh & Skin
  • Realistic Wood Effects
  • Panzer Crew Uniforms Painting Guide
  • Modern Figures Camouflages
  • Photoetched Parts

Tracks & Wheels includes in-progress photos and descriptive text explaining each of the steps in assembling, painting, and weathering kit track & wheel subassemblies. The techniques are demonstrated using photos and text by artists and expert modelers. The photos are very clear and explain each progressive step in painting & weathering techniques and includes tips on tools to use. The book includes photo examples of models and actual vehicles to illustrate weathering using the various techniques described in the book. Most of the products used in the book are from AK Interactive.

Ju 88 Aces of World War 2

Published: March 24th, 2019     
Ju 88 Aces of World War 2
Author: Robert Forsyth, Illustrator: Jim Laurier
Reviewed by: Frank Landrus, IPMS# 35035
Company: Osprey Publishing

Robert Forsyth, born in Berkshire, England, has studied the history and operations of the Luftwaffe since his school days. Based in East Sussex with his wife, he runs an aviation and military publishing business full-time. He has written articles for the magazines Aeroplane , Aviation News, FlyPast, and The Aviation Historian, and is a member of the Editorial Board of the latter publication. He is the author of several hard bound books, including: JV 44 - The Galland Circus (1996), Battle over Bavaria - The B-26 versus the German Jets (Classic, 1998), Mistel - German Composite Aircraft and Operations 1942-1945 (Classic, 2001), Messerschmitt Me 264 Amerikabomber (Classic, 2006, with Eddie Creek); He 162 Volksjager (Classic, 2009, with Eddie Creek); Heinkel He 111 (Crecy, 2014); Junkers Ju 52 (Specialty Press. 2015, with Eddie Creek).

Osprey - US Soldier vs. Arikakorps Soldier - Tunisia 1943

Published: March 23rd, 2019     
Osprey - US Soldier vs. Arikakorps Soldier - Tunisia 1943
Author: David Campbell
Reviewed by: Michael Reeves, IPMS# 51129
Company: Osprey Publishing

From the Publisher's Website:

Operation Torch, launched on 8 November 1942, landed Anglo-American forces in Vichy-controlled Morocco and Algeria to create a second front against the Axis forces in North Africa, catching Rommel's German and Italian forces in the claws of a giant pincer.

The US Army was powerfully well-armored and equipped, but fresh to wa, and it showed. Organization suffered from a surfeit of peacetime theories and training was insufficient and ill-applied. Despite such failings the US GIs and their commanders learned very quickly, adapting to German tactics and the realities of mechanized warfare. The Axis forces in North Africa were seasoned by years of fighting against increasingly powerful British and Commonwealth forces, and were led by one of the Reich's most capable generals. The German doctrine of mechanized warfare had proved itself time and again, but ever-growing logistical and supply problems were blunting its effectiveness.

From Sidi Bou Zid to El Guettar, this fully illustrated study pits the US Army against the best that the Axis forces in Africa had to offer.