Reviews of products for scale ship models, including submarines.

Tru-Color Green Gray and Brown Paint - Military Ships Series

Published: October 8th, 2018     
Tru-Color Green Gray and Brown Paint - Military Ships Series
Reviewed by: Rob Benson - IPMS# 44038
Scale: All
Company: Tru-Color Paint

Thank you to Tru-Color Paint for providing an assortment of their Military Ships Series paints to review. Thank you to the IPMS Reviewer Corps for allowing me to test out some of this excellent paint line. This review focuses on product application and ease of use.

Tru-Color Paint describes this product line as a solvent-based acrylic paint. What this means for the modeler is that the same safety precautions required for enamels and others must be used with these paints. The Tru-Color website describes acrylic component as the polymer for surface bonding.

German Battleship / Cruiser Barrels

Published: September 30th, 2018     
German Battleship / Cruiser Barrels
Reviewed by: Scott Hollingshead - IPMS# 34786
Scale: 1/700
Company: Master Model

For ship modelers looking to improve the appearance of their German WWI battleship or cruiser, Master Model has released three sets that will replace the gun barrels from the kit with their beautifully produced brass alternatives. The sets in this review will replace the 30.5 cm, 10.5 cm, and 8.8 cm gun barrels used by the German Navy. Modelers with some experience with aftermarket parts should have little issue in replacing the kit parts with the brass barrels.

The Forgotten War of the Royal Navy - Baltic Sea 1918-1920

Published: September 26th, 2018     
The Forgotten War of the Royal Navy - Baltic Sea 1918-1920
Reviewed by: Ron Bell - IPMS# 12907
Company: MMP Books

From its title, this book purports to be about the Royal Navy, but only a minority of the text is devoted to that service. There is no mention of it at all until page 34 (Out of 144 pages total, or roughly almost 25% of the way through the book), where the fate of some submarines sent to the Baltic in 1915 is covered in one paragraph. The Royal Navy then does not re-appear until page 46. While some Royal Navy ships, primarily light cruisers, destroyers, torpedo boats and submarines, were involved in the fighting in this area during the post war period, the part they played was small, usually only involved a few ships and would only merit a footnote in most histories. One interesting aspect is that the HMS Vindictive, a cruiser converted with a "flying off deck" was deployed to the area and some RNAS aircraft, albeit flying from land bases, were used in bombing attacks against ships and shore targets. At the back of the book are line drawings of representative British and Russian/Estonian ships that were involved with brief descriptions of each type and there is a six-page chart listing all the non-British ships that were involved with technical specifications for each.

The Type XXI U-Boat

Published: September 24th, 2018     
The Type XXI U-Boat
Reviewed by: Frank Landrus - IPMS# 35035

Dmitry Mironov has authored several books for Kagero, including The Japanese Battleship Fuso (2017) and The Japanese Battleship Fuso (2017) in the Super Drawings in 3D series. Dmitry Mironov also authored Sd.Kfz. 171 Panzer V "Panther" Ausf. A/D/G in Kagero's Top Drawings series. You can find more of his artwork at .

Kagero's The Type XXI U-boat is the latest in their Super Drawings in 3D series. This edition is in their standard 8.25" x 11.75" format softbound publication that is 60 pages (excluding covers). This volume starts off with six pages of historical text followed by 54 pages of color 3D illustrations. I counted 76 color 3D illustrations along with one table. There are no current nor period photographs.

USS North Carolina (BB-55) From WWII Combat to Museum Ship

Published: September 15th, 2018     
USS North Carolina (BB-55) From WWII Combat to Museum Ship
Reviewed by: Luke R. Bucci PhD - IPMS# 33549

David Doyle has written over 100 books, mostly on military subjects, including a Squadron At Sea book about the North Carolina from 2011. This book is one of the Legends of Warfare - Naval series for Schiffer Publishing, a well-researched history and photo album of America's first "modern" battleship - USS North Carolina, BB-55. Since the North Carolina is a museum ship anchored off Wilmington, North Carolina, most of the book is a color photo tour of the ship inside and out. This book is an excellent resource for modelers of the North Carolina and of WWII US Navy common fittings.