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Name Reviewed by Product Type Review Type Published
Product Image American Artillery - From 1775 to the Present Day Doug Hamilton Publications Miscellaneous May 14, 2021
Product Image Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II, The “Warthog” Ground Attack Aircraft Chris Smith Publications Aircraft May 1, 2021
Product Image A History of the Small Arms Made by the Sterling Armament Company Dave Morrissette Publications Miscellaneous April 28, 2021
Product Image Images of War - United States Marine Corps in the Korean War: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives Bill Kluge Publications Miscellaneous April 27, 2021
Product Image The Luftwaffe’s Secret WWII Missions Will Kuhrt Publications Miscellaneous April 20, 2021
Product Image Land Rover – Military Versions of the British 4X4 Bob LaBouy Publications Military Vehicles April 19, 2021
Product Image Foreign Planes in the Service of the Luftwaffe Hub Plott Publications Aircraft April 19, 2021
Product Image Vickers VC10 & Super VC10 Allan Murrell Publications Aircraft March 22, 2021
Product Image Panzer III - German Army Light Tank: Operation Barbarossa 1941 Frank Landrus Publications Military Vehicles March 15, 2021
Product Image Mitsubishi A6M Zero James Kelley Publications Aircraft March 6, 2021
Products Provided
Name Reviewed by Product Type Review Type Published
MacArthur’s Papua New Guinea Offensive 1942-1943 Dick Montgomery Publications Miscellaneous August 15, 2020
Images of War The Destruction of 6th Army at Stalingrad Will Kuhrt Publications Miscellaneous August 1, 2020