A-6 Fin Tip Correction

Published: November 24th, 2016     
Product Image
Product packaging
Reviewed by: Rob Benson - IPMS# 44038
Price: $5.62
Product / Stock #: HMR 48026
Product provided by: Hypersonic Models

Many thanks to Hypersonic Models and the IPMS Reviewer Corps for allowing me to review this elegant fin tip correction part for the Hobby Boss A-6. Hypersonic Models (HM) is a new contributor to the IPMS Reviewer system and is based in the UK, with a Facebook presence established 17 JUL 12. The operation is a one-man show, focused on well-researched products generated from quality CAD artwork and 3D-printed molds. HM has specialty offerings of modern-jet resin accessories, decals, canopy masks and reference drawings, currently with an X-15 product line emphasis.

The fin-tip replacement part arrived in a zipper-closure poly bag stapled to a sheet of instructions. The part is cast on a modest pour plug in smooth, medium-gray resin. The Hobby Boss A-6 kit family has a tail-fin top edge that is more horizontal than on the actual Intruder, a mistake that is also reflected on the kit decal placement sheets. The full-size A-6 tail-fin top edge slopes upward toward the tail at about 10 degrees.

The replacement part is easily installed. The required kit surgery is easily accomplished by gently scribing a panel line to remove the tip sections on the fuselage halves. The kit has finely scribed panel lines; on the part comparison image, you can see where I scribed with a little too much enthusiasm and lost the groove. The replacement part separated cleanly from the pour plug with only a couple of gentle flexes needed. After two or three scrapes of a blade, the part was ready to install. The alignment tab below the resin fin tip slides into the gap between the fuselage halves.

The part is slid into position from the tail forward, allowing the forward slope of the alignment tab to help snug down and secure the new tip in position for cementing. Minimal seam filling is required.

I must agree with the comment on the Hypersonic website, that once the "oops" on the kit is noticed, it is hard to ignore! The replacement part is an easy fix and very well worth the money. This replacement part should work on any A-6 kit that needs correcting. The new is tip is now installed on an A-6A Hobby Boss kit in progress, and I will buy another replacement tip for a Hobby Boss A-6E, which is a bit further back in the production line. I will post a completed picture of the whole model soon. This review of an excellent part needed to get out there right away!

Thank you very much Hypersonic for providing this replacement part for review. I look forward to using more of your products. Thank you to the Reviewer Corps for making all this happen; it is great to be part of the team.

  • Color instructions
    Color instructions
  • Replacement part compared to kit part:  note different top edges angles
    Replacement part compared to kit part: note different top edges angles
  • Replacement tip ready for permanent attachment
    Replacement tip ready for permanent attachment
  • Comparison of kit fuselage with the Hypersonic part
    Comparison of kit fuselage with the Hypersonic part

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