Alclad II Accurate & Precise Airbrush Sets

Published: December 27th, 2012     
Airbrush Set
Airbrush Set
Reviewed by: Ed Kinney - IPMS# 2989
Company: Alclad II
Price: $69.99
Product / Stock #: ALC 9200
Product provided by: Alclad II
  • Accurate airbrush ( ALC 9200 ) $ 69.99
  • Precise airbrush ( ALC 9220 ) $ 79.99

Alclad II has brought to market two styles of airbrushes manufactured by one of the well known airbrush suppliers. The brushes bear the Alclad II trademark. There are two models available, both single action with internal mix. These are offered as complete sets that include the following:

  • Airbrush
  • Braided Hose
  • Flush-mount color cup
  • Adapter for bottles of Alclad II 1 oz bottles**
  • Protective cap for airbrush nozzle

**This is a major time saver in that all that is necessary is to shake the color to be applied, screw on the adaptor cap, and spray. (All Alclad II products are pre-thinned and ready to spray.) Easy cleanup as well by simply shooting lacquer thinner through the brushes.

The Accurate version is probably going to be used more, in that it will cover larger areas more quickly than the Precise model, which sprays a finer line than the Accurate. Both will spray the thickness of a pencil line (thinner in the Precise) to a two-inch swath.

Another physical difference is the Accurate comes with a "crown" tip, while the Precise does not. The Precise version would make the process much easier by enabling the modeler to shade small areas, as shown by the Thunderbird afterburner depicted on the box.

In any case, I find both of these samples to be of superb quality and can highly recommend them to modelers both novice and skilled.

Many thanks to Tony Hipp, CEO of Alclad II, for the review samples and IPMS/USA for the review space.

  • Airbrush packages
    Airbrush packages
  • Airbrush set contents
    Airbrush set contents
  • Individual airbrushes
    Individual airbrushes
  • Accurate's crown tip
    Accurate's crown tip

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