Allied-Axis, The Photo Journal of The Second World War, Issue 30

Published: July 8th, 2014     
Author: David Doyle, Jeff Kleinhenz
Reviewed by: 
William O'Malley, IPMS# 46473
Company: Ampersand Publishing
Other Publication Information: Softcover, 96 pages, over 100 B&W photos.
Price: $15.95
Product / Stock #: AA #30

Allied-Axis is a quarterly publication from Ampersand Publishing Group that provides photos on both Allied and Axis armor and other military vehicles. Each issue focuses on three or four different vehicle types and provides brief background information but primarily focuses on photographs of the vehicles. There are no ads, stories, or other distractions. Just lots of photos. Photographs are all in black-and-white and include production photos and in-action wartime photos. Many of the photos are from proving grounds demonstrating the capabilities and various versions of the vehicles. Each photo has a very descriptive caption describing the setting, configuration of the equipment, crewmembers in their uniforms, etc.

This Issue #30 features three different vehicles: a Sherman Tankdozer, a German sFH 18 15cm Howitzer (Part Two) and a M23 Ammunition Trailer.

The Tankdozer section includes two pages of text describing the need for the vehicle, the development process, description of the various versions, and a general description of the overall program. The section then goes on with 32 pages of photographs showing production photos of the dozer with different blade combinations, photos of demonstration tests, photos of the dozer in action during World War II removing obstacles, photos showing the vehicle in various wartime conditions both in Europe and the Pacific theaters, photos of field modifications to the vehicles, photos of damage to vehicles, and photos of later versions that went on to serve in the Korean War.

The sFH 18 15cm howitzer section is Part 2 of a series. Photos are on 37 pages showing the factories building the gun, many different action shots as the guns are being fired, and assembling the guns for firing. The Photos depict various configurations of the gun including mechanized towing vehicles and horse drawn type carriages.

The M23 ammunition trailer section has introductory text on the development of the trailer, prototypes developed, and the numbers and registration for the trailers produced. There are 23 pages of photos with many production and proving ground photographs displaying the construction of the trailers and their use under various conditions. Many detailed photographs show the proper method to store ammunition, and various details of the trailer. Photos of the trailers in use in Hawaii, being tested in California and Fort Bragg are included.

These books are a great resource for modelers providing good clear photographs of vehicle construction and the trailers are used. The captions are very helpful, describing in detail the particular vehicle, it's variations, modifications, and how it's used. The books also provide great ideas for dioramas with the wartime photos. The photos and descriptions of the vehicles are always high quality and are very helpful for the modeler.

This publication is highly recommended.

Many thanks to Ampersand Publishing for providing this review publication.

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