Ammo Paint Brushes

Published: March 26th, 2018     
Product Image
Reviewed by: Tim Wilding - IPMS# 47420
Price: $1.99
Product / Stock #: A.MIG 8610 to 8620

Here is the description from Ammo's website:

"The Synthetic Brush range made of high-quality fibers, offers great spring and color carrying capacity, making them an excellent option to paint medium and large areas of our models. The ideal brush for working with military vehicles, aircraft, groundwork, and all manner of scale models. Thanks to the fine point, smaller sizes are also suitable for detail painting.

They are solvent-resistant and can be used with any paint type including acrylics, enamels, and oils. These are heavy duty brushes at a very economic price, making them a great option for all types of painting and weathering techniques and tasks. Both round and flat shapes can be used to apply washes, filters, pigments, splashes, mud, and a wide range of weathering effects."

The brushes come packaged in a plastic sleeve that has a resealable flap on the bottom. The round brushes have a clear plastic tube covering the bristles to protect them. The metal ferrules seem very well secured to the wood handles. I just bought some other brands brushes, and these were all loose. The handles are thin which to me makes it easier to use for fine detail work, like painting faces or tools on the vehicle.

I first used the two flat brushes while doing a dot filter test with Ammo's oilbrushers - oil paint with a brush built into the glass tube. I used the flat brushes to blend these oil paints into the base coat. They did a great job. The bristles are soft, held the thinner well and moved the oil paints where I wanted them. They cleaned off thoroughly with paint thinner. Sometimes the oil paint with stain the bristles, but I had none of this with the Ammo brushes. I also tried the 5/0 and 3/0 round brushes with acrylic paints to paint a 1/35 figure's face. They held just the right amount of paint, did not leave brush strokes and cleaned off easily under running warm water.

I am very impressed with the quality of these brushes and like that they can be used for any type of paint without damaging the bristles.

I would like to thank ammo by Mig Jimenez and IPMS for the opportunity to test and review these new paint brushes.

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