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Published: October 15th, 2019     
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Reviewed by: Floyd S. Werner Jr. - IPMS# 26266
Scale: NA
Company: Mig Productions
Price: $3.85
Product / Stock #: A.MIG-2033, A.MIG-2034, A.MIG-2035
Product provided by: Mig Productions

The anti-slip surface on tanks and airplanes are a unique feature and often not represented, especially on airplanes and helicopters. In the past the ways to replicate this were barely passable. Well that has now changed.

Ammo by Mig Jimenez has released not one but, three different versions, of this anti-slip paste. Of course, there are different scale models and so there are different 'scales' of this new paste.

The first anti-slip paste is in sand color for 1/35th scale. These would be used on vehicles like the M1 Abrams and Bradley fighting vehicles.

The second paste is designed for 1/72 and 1/48th scale models, in particular airplanes can benefit from this paste. The 'grit' is a finer one that is typical for airplanes.

The third one is a brown color designed for 1/35th scale vehicles.

Now that we talked about what is available, how does it work? I found out recently on my Kitty Hawk MH-60L Blackhawk. It is so easy to use. First tape off the area that you want to add the anti-skid to. Then simply put a little bit of the paste on your work bench and plastic sheet. Using a sponge, pick up a little bit of the paste and dab it lightly on the area. You can also use a brush to apply the paste then use either a sponge, brush or any other stippling item. The sponge will provide a more textured finish than by applying it with a brush. You can 'smooth' it out some with some water.

You may have to reapply it to get the texture that you want but it really is easy. It is recommended to apply the second coat perpendicular to the first one. This will give you a uniform finish. If there is any clean-up you can use water to remove it.

Once happy just let it dry. Well at least until it dries. The paste dries hard and retains its texture. Then it is just a matter of painting the area if you require it. But what happens if I don't like it? Well it can be removed by using Mig Thinner/white spirits.

Don't worry too much about the color, the scale is more important. The 1/35th scale pastes are a little more textured while the 1/72-1/48th scale is finer. However, even that is not as important as what you want to do with it. Use the paste for a variety of uses, such as anti-slip surfaces and rusting components

I was impressed with the results on my Blackhawk and will definitely use these products again on airplanes and of course, my tanks. The easy of use and cleanup makes this a great product. Don't let the scale or the color stop you, the use of this product is really only limited by your imagination.

Highly recommended

Thanks to Mig and IPMS/USA for the review items. You can obtain yours at their website, , or at your local hobby shop or online retailer.

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