Antonov AN-2 Exhaust

Published: March 13th, 2014     
Reviewed by: Charles Landrum - IPMS# 26328
Scale: 1/48
Company: Quickboost
Price: $6.00
Product / Stock #: 48535
Product provided by: Quickboost

The AN-2 "Annushka" bi-plane (NATO designation "Colt") is a throwback from a very earlier age, not only because it is a biplane, but because of the larger Shvetsov Ash-62 9 cylinder radial engine that powers it. On the right side of the plane is a single large exhaust pipe that belches fire and smoke when in operation. The pipe on the real AN-2 comes out from the engine at a shallow angle of incidence and then makes a radius bend outward to carry the exhaust away from the fuselage.

Hobby Boss makes a nice replica of this plane, which for the most part captures its rugged appearance. However, everything involving the engine comes up short. This is true for the exhaust system; what is provided is a small pipe that is hollowed out, but could not possibly exhaust an engine of that size. Quickboost offers a two-part resin replacement intended to be a drop fit. The parts are quite nice, with a blister designed to fit, and a larger diameter pipe of scale proportion. As nice as these parts are, they do have their minor shortcomings. I found that the blister is slightly too large and does not quite fit - it requires some minor filing. That is a far better situation than if the resin part had shrunk in curing and was too small for the location.

As nice as the replacement exhaust pipe is, it does not match the exhaust on the real aircraft. In this case the pipe is molded at an oblique angle and looks fine on the pour block. But when you fit into place you notice that it lacks the subtlety of the prototype. Instead of the radius bend, it juts straight out at a 45 degree angle (or there about). So it is the right diameter but wrong shape and diameter. The attached picture, by Fotios Rouch, gives an excellent observation angle to judge the pipe run. All in all the QB resin looks better than the kit exhaust, but it will need work to make it match the original. I still recommend it as a better jumping off point that the kit part.

Thanks to Quickboost for supplying the review sample!

  • Photo of actual exhaust
    Photo of actual exhaust
  • Quickboost part (bottom) compared to kit part
    Quickboost part (bottom) compared to kit part
  • Quickboost part (left)
    Quickboost part (left)
  • Quickboost parts
    Quickboost parts

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