B-18 Bolo Canopy Masks

Published: July 3rd, 2013     
Product Image
Mask Package
Reviewed by: Phil Pignataro - IPMS# 17254
Scale: 1/72
Company: Eduard
Price: $14.95
Product / Stock #: CX 348
Product provided by: Eduard

The idea behind these pre-cut masks is to save you time and frustration when painting your model and also to protect the clear areas under the masks. I think the B-18 could be a "poster child" for using pre-cut masks on a model. As a typical pre-war bomber, it sports lots of clear areas with lots of framework. I counted 74 individual clear window panels on the model. In addition to the large number, the panels on the windscreen have rounded edges which present problems when using tape or foil, since very careful trimming is called for. Do not despair, fellow modelers, Eduard has come to the rescue. This particular set, matched specifically to the Special Hobby B-18, has all the masks necessary to cover all those 74 "panes," as well as masks for the wheel hubs.

I've used Eduard's masks before with great results, and this set is no different. Be advised the yellow masks are hard to see on the yellow sheet, so I referred to the instructions often. The instructions show where the mask is on the yellow sheet and points to the clear panel or pane on the model that matches it. I typically pried the edge of a particular mask up a little with a hobby knife, then removed it from the backing with a pair of tweezers. I kept the mask in the tweezers as I applied it to the clear part.

Use care when placing them on the clear plastic piece, since any misalignment will show up after painting. I used a blunted toothpick to nudge the masks into the correct alignment where necessary. The smaller masks on the gun turrets require patience to get them aligned properly. I did have to trim some of the masks for the sides of the upper fuselage turret - they were a bit long.

Even though this process took about two hours, I know it would have been much longer if I tried to use tape for masking. And, the edges were all straight. I did not mask the fuselage side windows for this review, but I anticipate a good result when I do. They simply go over the window once they are glued into the opening in the fuselage. Again, many have rounded edges, so the masks will save time here as well.

I've recommended these Eduard masks before and will happily do so with this set. I know, given all the clear parts that require masking on this model, you will definitely get your money's worth. I highly recommend this set for your Special Hobby B-18 Bolo.

My thanks go to Eduard for supplying this B-18 set to IPMS/USA and to IPMS for allowing me to review it.

  • Instructions
  • Mask sheet
    Mask sheet
  • Clear parts
    Clear parts
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    Masked parts
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