B-25 Interior Detail Set

Published: January 29th, 2013     
Product Image
Detail Fret
Reviewed by: Dave Morrissette - IPMS# 33653
Scale: 1/32
Company: Eduard
Price: $35.00
Product / Stock #: 32756
Product provided by: Eduard

Eduard has issued this interior set to upgrade the HK Models 1/32nd B-25 interior by addressing several areas. The set comes with two large photo etched frets and one small colorized fret, all of which have excellent relief on the parts and great color on the small fret. This set addresses the tail gunner position, the top turret gunner position, both exit hatches, and the rear fuselage interior, along with barrel covers for the guns.

I started construction with the tail gunner area. Both side walls have a large PE part which address the lack of molded-in detail. These were pressed into the area and when they fit well, affixed with super glue and accelerator. These are enhanced with rails which are bent and formed to look like the ribs inside the tail. The wiring detail on the tail gunner shield and additions to the tail gun sight are also included and simple to add. The area was painted Tamiya gloss silver from a decanted rattle can and then detailed. Also, the needed instrument boxes were bent and added. These look great with the preprinted detail and extra parts which look like switches.

The top gunner's position is next and includes color detail for the box at the base of the turret, relief additions to the side and back of the turret, and four-part foot rests for the gunner's position which are not in the kit. The floor of this area is completely replaced with an etched floor with great relief and detail. This is glued in over the kit part and is a vast improvement. Construction of the ladder/door assembly is also done and consists of 14 parts. These require careful bending, and the trusty Hold and Fold was used and everything aligned well. The same applies to the rear hatch and also the door in the front compartment. They are proverbial kits in themselves and they are far better than the molded kit parts.

The rest of the additions include six new ammo boxes for the rear fuselage - each requiring bending and the addition of 5 small part for detail, including colored straps. The bracket for these and the rear hatch were folded, added, and painted silver.

At this point, both hatches are not attached to facilitate painting, but will be added later. Each of these parts is added and weathered and then sprayed with DullCote. The results look fantastic!

This set is a great add-on to an all ready good HK Models B-25. The Eduard interior set addresses three areas, and if you intend to leave your hatches open, the photo etch hatches are worth the price. Recommended, but I will say that with all the small parts and bending, some photo etch experience is required. My thanks to Eduard and IPMS/USA for the chance to build and review this excellent sample.

  • PE fret 1
    PE fret 1
  • PE fret 2
    PE fret 2
  • Detail parts
    Detail parts
  • Floor hatch
    Floor hatch
  • Top turret detailed 1
    Top turret detailed 1
  • Top turret detailed 2
    Top turret detailed 2
  • Top turret detailed 3
    Top turret detailed 3
  • Tail gunner's shield
    Tail gunner's shield
  • Doors and ladders
    Doors and ladders
  • Ammo box
    Ammo box
  • Rear fuselage detail 1
    Rear fuselage detail 1
  • Rear fuselage detail 2
    Rear fuselage detail 2
  • Rear fuselage detail 3
    Rear fuselage detail 3
  • Rear fuselage detail 4
    Rear fuselage detail 4
  • Top turret installed
    Top turret installed

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