Beechcraft 17 Decals

Published: September 13th, 2017     
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Decal Sheet
Reviewed by: Charles Landrum - IPMS# 26328
Scale: 1/48
Company: Iliad Design
Product / Stock #: 48031

The Beechcraft 17 Staggerwing and later D17 was a versatile family of aircraft that ended up serving in for more roles than originally envisioned by Beech. Renowned for its attractive lines and good performance, it was designed to be an executive aircraft. But it soon found a role as a racer, liaison, and a utility aircraft in both military and civilian livery. In the US Army Air Force it was the UC-43, in the US Navy the GB-1 and 2. In addition, it flew with 15 other air f orces.

Roden answered the call of many modelers to release a nice kit of the Staggerwing, finally supplanting the old AMT kit which is still available through Round 2. The AMT kit was a specific post war variant however, and required modification to backdate it. The Roden kit represents the most common D17S variant and while Roden provides different liveries/markings in its multiple releases, there were many more schemes not covered; plus Roden decals can be a challenge.

Thankfully Iliad Design has stepped up and released a set of decals for Beechcraft enthusiasts. This set covers 6 different schemes:

  • A D17s of the Free Dutch Air Force under British markings. It is the plane that Prince Bernhardt used to visit Dutch forces and diplomatic posts while in exile. The plane features British Dark Earth/Dark Green camouflage over yellow undersides.
  • A US Army Air Force UC-43 with a white tail and large black numbers. It is olive drab over neutral gray
  • A UC-43 from Wright field in 1944 in Olive Drab over Neutral Gray. Except it retains the early war Medium Green scalloping along the wing edges. It has the typical yellow stenciling.
  • My favorite and most unusual is the D17A used in 1940 as part of the U.S. Antarctic Service Expedition. This aircraft was in Stearman Vermillion with wings and horizontal stabilizers in Galatea Orange. Except for the words U.S. Antarctic Service, it has the standard Beechcraft decoration on the fuselage striping cowling.
  • A D17R bought by the Nationalist Chinese in 1937 for use as air ambulances. The planes with all white with Red crosses on wings and fuselage.
  • A D17R air ambulance with the subsequent dark green over gray camouflage scheme. This change was made after the Japanese shot down the higher visibility aircraft. These planes had standard Nationalist Chinese markings and a different red cross on the fuselage.

Iliad decals are trouble free and a pleasure to work with. I have used them in past builds without issue.

My thanks to Iliad Design for an interesting sheet covering an iconic aircraft. This sheet is a must have for anyone with an interest in the Staggerwing in government service. I just hope more releases are forthcoming covering other markings like for the US Navy. Get this sheet while you can!

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    Front Cover
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