Bf-109 G-10 (Mark I Kit)

Published: February 28th, 2021     
Product Image
Reviewed by: Ben Morton - IPMS# 47301
Scale: 1/144
Company: Brengun
Price: $10.03
Product / Stock #: BRL 144165
Product provided by: Hauler Brengun

Brengun has issued another delightful photoetched accessory set for small scale aircraft modelers. This particular set is designed for use with Mark One's offering of the German Bf-109, specifically the Bf-109G-10 model. [ Note : There is a detail set for the K model of the 109, as well.]

Typically these small scale (1/144th) aircraft kits come with two complete models in the box and Mark One is no exception, nor are the offerings from either Armory or Sweet. Brengun provides detail bits for two kits. Those bits include photoetched pieces for the:

  • cockpit tub
  • two part seat
  • rudder footrests / stirrups
  • seat belts (four pieces)
  • instrument panel
  • trim wheel
  • control column
  • throttle controls
  • side console details
  • floor details
  • resin center console (alas, w/o cup holder :))

Additional items are provided for the:

  • pilot's armored head guard
  • pilot's headrest
  • cockpit surround detail
  • under wing radiators (replaces kit parts)
  • landing gear doors (replaces kit parts)
  • wheel well detail
  • oleo compression struts
  • various antenna
  • drop tank detail
  • mass balances for the flaps

While this accessory set is designed for use with the Mark One kit, I didn't have one of those in the stash. I did have the offering from Sweet. I would note that most of the photoetched bits fit onto the Sweet kit without much in the way of fuss. In fact, the cockpit tub fits smoothly into the Sweet fuselage.

There are a number of photoetched bits that you may wish to leave on the fret. For myself, those include the scissor struts on the landing gear and the mass balances for the flaps, among others. Just like armor after market PE sets, just because its included doesn't mean you have to use it. Either way these after market bits from Brengun go on easier than you might expect even when you consider the small size of some of them. (Pilots headrest being a case in point.)

As I was adapting this set to an 'un-authorized' kit (not the recommended Mark One model) I did encounter a few fit issues. Namely the pilots armored headrest and the instrument panel. Neither of those required major adaptation but it is something to bear in mind should you elect to use another manufacturer's (Sweet/ Armory) kit. Whichever kit you choose to apply them to, these in-scale details provided by Brengun should significantly enhance your small scale Bf-109 project.

My thanks to Brengun and IPMS/USA for the review copy.

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  • Instructions
  • Kit contents
    Kit contents
  • Cockpit in Sweet fuselage 2
    Cockpit in Sweet fuselage 2
  • Cockpit interior
    Cockpit interior
  • Cockpit interior
    Cockpit interior
  • Cockpit surround headrest
    Cockpit surround headrest
  • Finished kit
    Finished kit
  • Finished underside
    Finished underside
  • Finished kit
    Finished kit
  • Underwing details vs. kit parts
    Underwing details vs. kit parts

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