Bf-109G-6/14 Exterior Set

Published: February 7th, 2018     
Reviewed by: 
Floyd S. Werner, Jr., IPMS# 26266
Scale: 1/48
Company: Vector
Price: $14.95
Product / Stock #: VDS48-112

The new Zvezda kit picks up where the excellent Bf-109F kit leaves off. The new kit shares many of the same sprues and because of this it has some similar issues. Notably the kit needs some help in a few areas, namely the ailerons, exhausts and wheel wells. Well Vector has stepped up to the plate and provided some exquisite resin corrections.

Packaged in a small ziplock bag with a paper label at the top, Vector provides you with some beautifully cast light grey resin that is blemish free. You get two new wheel wells, two ailerons, exhausts, cockpit shelf and bulged battery box.

The kit ailerons feature some exquisite fabric representation on the top side, but only on the top side. The bottom is missing the fabric detail. Not a horrible thing but a noticeable oversight. It is a shame that Zvezda didn't take the time to correct this but Vector provides you with two new ailerons with beautiful detail on both sides.

The wheel wells from Vector feature the cutouts to show off the retraction mechanism and the liner for the aft portion. The liner has stitching while the front of the well has the molded in detail.

The exhausts feature hollowed out ends which the kit does not and the raised weld line on the exhausts themselves.

The final pieces are the back of the cockpit and the cockpit sill. Beautiful detail is provided for the rear canopy jettison strut and the attachment points for the shoulder harnesses. The other part is the battery box cover used on the G-14. This is perfectly molded and allows you to build the G-14 which you can't out of the box.

Everything is a drop fit replacement for the kit parts. So there is not annoying cutting, sanding and filling. Just remove the pour block and you are ready to add the parts. This set takes the beautiful Zvezda kit up a notch. The easy replacement means that anyone can add them.

Highly recommended

Thanks to Vector for the review copy.

  • Vector Resin Parts
    Vector Resin Parts
  • Resin Parts Installed in 109G Wing
    Resin Parts Installed in 109G Wing
  • Zvezda 109 Engine with Vector Resin Parts
    Zvezda 109 Engine with Vector Resin Parts
  • Completed Bf-109G
    Completed Bf-109G

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