Browning .50 and .30 Caliber Shells and Cartridges

Published: September 15th, 2019     
Product Image
Reviewed by: Mike Kellner - IPMS# 30864
Scale: 1/16
Company: Master-Model
Price: $19.95
Product / Stock #: GM-16-001, 50 caliber shells. GM-16-002, 50 caliber cartridges. GM-16-003, 30 caliber shells. GM-16-004, 30 caliber cartridges.

Total number of parts: 25 each package.

As I'm scratch building a 1/16 scale PT boat, when I saw these neat little shells and cartridges I was curious. What arrived was 4 small packages which included 25 shells or cartridges each in both .50 caliber and .30 caliber. For a large scale I was surprised at how small they were. I was able to compare the .50 caliber ones with a real .50 caliber cartridge and shells, and there is a gigantic difference in size.

These detailing parts are made from brass, have the right dimensions for their scale, and the shell cases even have a hollowed-out end on them. I have photographed them with a real shell just to show the relative size of them. Overall they are very consistent and I'll bet they will look awesome on any 1/16 scale vehicle, boat, or tank. Their Master-Model website calls them the Ground Master Series.

I want to thank Master-Model and IPMS USA for the opportunity to review these accessories.

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Round Size


The 30 mm caliber is a specific size of autocannon ammunition. Such ammunition includes NATO standard 30x173 mm and 30x113 mm B rounds and Soviet 30x165 mm rounds which are widely used around the world.

The 50 cal is about 5.5 inches in length


Ammunition Length

Hello Mike. I am in the process of constructing a remote firing station for my 1/16 RC tank. The machine gun is a .50 caliber but the feed tray and ammo box is a little small I think. I could go with the Master Model .30 cal. if it would be a better fit. Any chance that you could email me the length of a .50 round and a .30 round.I have asked a couple of retailers for this info but they have chosen not to reply. My ballpark calculations come out at around 8.6mm (.34 in.) for the .50 and 4mm (.16 in.) for the .30. Any help you could provide would be much appreciated. Regards Paul

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