Cross & Cockade International Spring 2019 Volume 50/1

Published: April 27th, 2019     
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Frank Landrus, IPMS# 35035
Company: Cross & Cockade International
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Product / Stock #: Spring 2019, Volume 50, Issue 1

The latest journal of Cross & Cockade International - Spring 2019, features a front cover photograph of Josef Csatek and Andreas Dombrowski of Flik 29 in front of Albatros D.III 53.24

The inside rear cover features three period black and white photographs of the BE 12 airframe construction details. The outside rear cover features an investigation into a possible photograph of Captain R.M. Foster's Sopwith Camel "C 61" (top). The one verified photograph of "C 61" is included at the lower right, along with two additional photographs of 3N Squadron Sopwith Camels.

Cross & Cockade International is a non-profit UK based group known as the First World War Aviation Historical Society that publishes their journal four times a year. They also provide a free newsletter (sign up on their website) and occasionally publish WWI themed books like the Sopwith Dolphin monograph I reviewed earlier for IPMS USA. This Journal is the sister of the US Journal, Over The Front.

Stewart K. Taylor kicks off the issue with a fantastic look into WWI Strafing. This biography of Canadian Lt Edwin Wood 'Ted' Mills and 209 Squadron, comprises 22 pages and includes 34 period black and white photographs. Stewart K. Taylor includes many accounts from Ted Mills logbook as well as accounts from many of 209 Squadron's widows. This fascinating look includes Ted Mills attendance at an 'anti-conscription meeting', follows him through flight training, and into Black September with 209 Squadron. Along the way, Stewart provides mini-bios of many of the men that served with Ted Mills.

Up next is Michal Plavec's detailed history of Fliegerkompagnie (FliK) 28. This feature runs 17 pages and includes 23 photographs and five tables. This unit carried the nickname "Bohemian" because many of the pilots came from part of the Austro-Hungarian empire known as the 'Lands of the Bohemian Crown". Michal utilizes a diary from pilot Josef Zurovec to highlight life (and death) in FliK 28.

Paul Hare's contribution is a short biography of 2Lt Arthur John (A.J.) Capel, a 4 Squadron observer. AJ Capel's first operational mission was on November 17, 1914. AJ Capel signed up for pilot training after more than 191 hours of flight time as an observer, returning to France in 1916 as a flight commander. AJ managed to survive the war and retired from the RAF after WWII with the rank of Air Vice Marshal. This article includes a list of all the aircraft in flew in as an observer along with eight photographs.

Mike Kelsey wraps up his epic article on the BE12 in Macedonia with Part 2. This 28 page article includes 31 photographs, five line drawings from Mick Davis, and six tables. An appendix provides a synopsis of each BE12 and BE12a that flew in Macedonia by serial number.

Barry Gray chimes in with Part Four of his new series that describes German hangars and aeroplane sheds, this issue featuring the "Type D" Aeroplane Shed. Beautifully clear period photographs are supplemented with line drawings that include dimensions. One photograph in particular was a bit chilling showing Paul Denys Montague stretched out in front of his crashed BE12 (A4040) on October 29, 1917. Paul Montague had the misfortune of being the only BE12 pilot killed in action on the Macedonian front.

Joe Moran continues with his Modeling feature. This month he focuses in on Valom's 1/144 Fokker Dr.I and AZ's 1/72 Morane 'WR', both with full build reviews. Joe has also volunteered to start reviewing kits for the Cross & Cockade website to generate additional traffic. Make sure you check it out! Two standard features, Logbook, Mick Davis' Fabric are absent this issue. The Bookshelf section is a review of WWI aviation specific books and magazines with this issue totaling eight.


  • Editorial by Mick Davis
  • Strafing in Late 1918: Lt Edwin Wood Mills, 209 Squadron by Stewart K. Taylor [Page 50.016]
  • The "Bohemian" Fliegerkompagnie on the Romanian Front 1916-1918 by Michal Plavec [Page 50.037]
  • Some Experiences of a 4 Squadron Observer" From the Logbook of 2Lt A.J. Capel by Paul R. Hare [Page 50.045]
  • Jack of All Trades: The BE 12 in Macedonia - Part 2 by Mike Kelsey[Page 50.055]
  • German Hangers and Aeroplane Sheds Part Four by Barry Gray [Page 50.075]
  • Modelling: New Releases and Kit Reviews: compiled by Joe Moran [Page 50.078]
  • Bookshelf

This is another superb issue from Cross & Cockade and I continue to be impressed with the quality of the articles, both from a research perspective and readability. The period pictures, maps, and drawings in this journal come off looking great thanks to their printing on the journal's glossy paper. If you are into early / WWI aviation; this journal is an incredible source of information that will have you on the edge of your seat for the next issue. My thanks to Cross & Cockade International and IPMS/USA for the chance to review this great issue.

Highly recommended!

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