CRP 37 Pylon for Mirage III BS/DS/BJ and Cheetah D

Published: March 14th, 2018     
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Rob Booth, IPMS# 37548
Scale: 1/48
Company: PJ Productions
Price: $3.50
Product / Stock #: 481226

PJ Production is a Belgian firm that specializes in the creation and production of resin scale models and accessories aimed at modelers of military aircraft kits and aviation-related dioramas in 1/72nd, 1/48th and 1/32nd scale. Their lines include fine and accurately detailed cast resin replacement and supplemental parts for model kits in the most commonly produced scales.

PJ Productions has produced a resin CRP 37 Pylon for use with Mirage III BS/DS/BJ and Cheetah D aircraft with an RP 825 Drop Tank. (This issue appears to be a separate casting of just the pylon from their set # 481216, which includes the tank). An out-of-box evaluation (see photos) indicates a reproduction of the French manufactured pylon that provides a realistic scale-detailed assembly with the appropriate attachment supports. The panel detailing is extremely fine.

Assembly is straight forward. Use your favorite razor saw to remove the parts from the casting blocks, clean up the saw cuts, and provide a little clean-up with a few quick swipes of fine sandpaper or a sanding stick. My sample had some tiny air bubbles in the surface, most of which disappeared under a coat of Tamiya surface/primer. Painting of the launcher will be necessary, so check your references, and be sure to prime with the appropriate materials that are compatible with your preferred paints.

Some cautionary advice: for those without basic modeling experience, use very thin CA (Superglue) sparingly, to assemble and attach these resin parts to your plastic kit, as the usual plastic glues do not react well with the cured resins. Also, the sway braces are extremely thin and fragile, so use care in handling the completed assembly while painting and attaching to your model.

In conclusion, this is an excellent set that will lend increased realism to your 1/48 Heller or other Mirage III kit that does not offer stores options, and you need the centerline tank pylon minus the actual tank..

Highly recommended.

  • Package Contents
    Package Contents
  • Primed Part
    Primed Part
  • Pylon Mounted on Heller Mirage III
    Pylon Mounted on Heller Mirage III