D9R Doobi Big Ed Set - Part II

Published: February 9th, 2015     
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Matt Quiroz, IPMS# 42772
Scale: 1/35
Company: Eduard
Company: Eduard
Price: $69.95
Product / Stock #: BIG3581

This is the second half of the review of the Big Ed set for the Meng Models D9R Dozer.

This portion will focus on the exterior detail set (36265) which happens to be one of the most extensive sets as well as parts for every side of the vehicle are covered.

I started by assembling all the ammo racks for both sides and rear of the vehicle. They are made up of several different pieces, but the assembly went off without too much trouble. I used a piece of styrene rod for the securing bar on the bottom of the first rack I built, but later decided to use some brass rod instead as I could solder that in place for a more secure bond overall. The instructions say to use 1mm plastic rod...brass looks better.

There were a few areas I skipped using the PE as even with my Optivisor on I couldn't see the parts real well. They were mostly small hinges for what I would assume to be tool stowage on the front of the "fenders" as it were.  The kit parts look pretty good as it is so I'm not too terribly upset about this. I waited to add the smaller parts/pieces until the very end to avoid knocking them off during handling etc. There are a lot of them and this course worked out well as everything stayed in place. The other items were the weight for the exhaust flap and two small levers of some sort found on each hydraulic assembly. All three broke while bending into shape. Luckily I hadn't shaved off the kit parts as yet.

One of the more complex assemblies were the armored light guards found on page 4 of the instructions. You are actually given a choice between a shorter, less stout looking cover or, a longer more robust looking guard. I built the smaller one first and decided the bigger guards would look better. Each guard is made up of twelve pieces that were carefully soldered together to make up each guard. The kit lights are used once the molded on framework surrounding them has been carved away. The kit supplied bar/guards for the front of the lights is used.

The guards were a little tricky in spots, but I managed to get them together and looking symmetrical. :o) They slip over the tops of the hydraulic rams used to raise and lower the blade. Adding some additional wiring for the headlights will really help make these pop a bit more. The other option you are given are for the steps for mounting the vehicle. One was a little more complex looking that the other and required more bending for the correct shape. I gave it a shot and ended up breaking one of the pieces so I reverted to the simpler item. Either one will make a nice replacement for the kit parts.

With the ammo racks and hydraulic guards knocked out I focused on the smaller parts and pieces found around the rest of the vehicle. Namely steps, grills, ID plates, hold-down clamps, antenna mounts, jerry can racks and fire extinguisher brackets. I also decided to tackle one of the two options available for the ammo cradle and can for the Mag-58. It was small, but I was able to pull it off. Whether it is used remains to be seen.

There are tie down straps included for the roof of the dozer, but after trying to bend them into shape and have them hold that shape, I scrapped the PE items in favor of some very soft tin sheet I had on hand. Even after annealing the brass it still was too springy and they didn't look right to my eye. The roof mounted securing points were shaved off and the PE replacement parts added in their respective spots. With those in place, that completed the top of the cab.

A few items I didn't use were for the Mag-58 and its mount. Namely the rear sights, ammo belts, bipods and locking pins for the weapons pintle. If I decide to add them later I'll be sure to add the PE to them, although I'll probably forego the ammo belts as they just don't look the part in PE.

With the exception of the few parts I didn't use, I stuck a fork in this one and called it done. There are a lot of parts in this set for sure. Is it necessary to use them all? In my case, no. My eyes just couldn't see well enough to put them to use. That doesn't detract from what I did use at all. I still have the slat armor array that I bought when I first got this beast, but I think I'll need a mental health break before tackling that one.

Thanks to Meng and IPMS/USA for the review sample.

  • Brackets
  • Attachments
  • Step
  • Brackets
  • Photoetch
  • Attachments
  • Fire extinguisher bracket
    Fire extinguisher bracket
  • Chains
  • Tie downs
    Tie downs
  • Instructions
  • Photoetch fret
    Photoetch fret
  • Photoetch fret
    Photoetch fret
  • Ammo rack comparison
    Ammo rack comparison
  • Ammo racks
    Ammo racks
  • basic guard
    basic guard
  • basic guard
    basic guard
  • HD Armor back
    HD Armor back
  • HD Armor side
    HD Armor side
  • HD hydraulic armor
    HD hydraulic armor
  • Mag 58
    Mag 58
  • Overall
  • PE parts
    PE parts

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