F-102A & F-106 Decals

Published: September 4th, 2018     
Product Image
F-102 Decals
Reviewed by: Bob LaBouy - IPMS# 3064
Scale: 1/48
Company: Fundekals
Price: $12.00
Product provided by: Fundekals

Fundekals provided these five sample sheets for my review. Each sheet provides numerous decals. The F-102A sheets each provide either five or six sets of individual markings. In the case of the Stencil sheet at least one complete set of markings (many of which I used in completion of my F-102A model, and in the Stars and Bars sheets, numerous national insignia.

Sheets Reviewed

The Build

I decided to build a Monogram F-102A in order to at least try these decals. I have long come to the personal conclusion that review comments not documented with the basic model are incomplete at best. The old Monogram kit is still available via eBay and some other online sources, and is basically a sound kit that certainly met my need for a 'decal target'.

The images below illustrate the research that has gone into each of aircraft and markings, as well as photographic examples of the aircraft contained throughout these sheets.

For my 'target' model, I chose the 57thFIS example which demonstrates one of the examples I personally saw on the Elmendorf AFB flight line in the late 1950 era and long since wished to model. I used a sample from three of the sheets in finishing my 'target' model.

An interesting facet of these decal sheets is that the instructions are all available on the internet for you to download at your desk at your convenience.

I found each of the sampled sheets contained perfect registration, excellent colors (at least for my eyes) and finest details including even the smallest of stencil and a/c registration details. The decals used were easy to float from the sheets, adhered easily to the models, and in every instance I had no issues with the opacity of the decals used.

The Bottom Line

If you are interested in great decals, you ought to carefully check out Fundekals, I believe you will be impressed with quality of these sheets and the variety of markings available.

Thank you Fundekals for the opportunity to review these great decal sheets--I really enjoyed the decals.

  • F-102 Sheet #1
    F-102 Sheet #1
  • F-102A ***  57th FIS
    F-102A *** 57th FIS
  • F-102A Target Model
    F-102A Target Model
  • F-102A Target Model
    F-102A Target Model
  • F-102A Target Model
    F-102A Target Model
  • F-102A Profile
    F-102A Profile
  • Reference photos
    Reference photos
  • Decal sheet
    Decal sheet
  • F-106 Stencils
    F-106 Stencils
  • F-106 stencil guide
    F-106 stencil guide
  • Stars & bars
    Stars & bars
  • Stars & bars
    Stars & bars

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