Fw 190A-4 Fuselage Guns

Published: June 10th, 2018     
Product Image
Reviewed by: Rod Lees - IPMS# 10821
Scale: 1/48
Company: Eduard
Price: $39.95
Product / Stock #: 648354
Product provided by: Eduard

IPMS/USA thanks the Eduard team once again for sending us this simple, excellent set for the new Eduard FW-190 series. And thanks to Phil and John for obtaining the sets for the team...

This set consists of perfectly cast resin parts for the back of the engine, guns, cowl bits, plus a few bits of PE including parts for the armored windscreen and cowl latches. MUCH easier than scratchbuilding!

This upper fuselage gun bay set is a simplified version of the advanced set with the engine abbreviated, i.e. just the gun bay parts and engine mount war part of the set, not the whole engine; the accessory section the intake distributor tube are also provided Since I had built the entire "bigger" set earlier, I knew what to expect.

The gun bay was simpler, particularly with more lighting and my magnifier to hand. The next one of these will be perfect, I swear...

As it was the bearers and mount assembly were cleaned up, and I confirmed mounting locations. Same for the engine accessory parts. I painted everything flat black primer to begin with to give things better adhesion for the paint. The few RLM 02 areas were painted, the engine was slightly weathered a bit, and I then installed the parts in the fuselage after removing the requisite interior bearing mount parts as the instructions showed.

It actually fits better when you totally remove the molding blocks totally. Note to the wise.

The guns were assembled, and installed on the deck. I found out after the first installation attempt that I had not totally removed the aft mold blocks, so I remediated that and repainted. Lead wire was employed to simulate the gun wiring, and everything fit much better. I had one gun barrel that had broken in transit, and the superglue repairs were not so good... hence one "Wonky" barrel.

The upper forward cowl section with the gun troughs had the heating vents cemented in place, and unfortunately did NOT want to fit in the front. I ended up removing some of the engine and molding block area (see photo where the Dremel did magic) and I got the cowl to fit. Magic.

I set the upper gun cover in the open position for photos, and everything fit into place. All in all a bit more than I usually do on my models but it looks like diorama time is in order... Excellent work EDUARD team and thanks again for this lovely little bit of resin to build! And thanks again to the reviewer leadership for letting me clean up Phil's Garage a bit... this set was a return to him after it was sent out for other reasons, and it was time to help...

Thanks once again to Eduard for keeping AMS alive in those of us who have it!

  • CAD Design
    CAD Design
  • Instructions 1
    Instructions 1
  • Instructions 2
    Instructions 2
  • Instructions 3
    Instructions 3
  • Instructions 4
    Instructions 4
  • Area Removed from Engine Mount to Clear
    Area Removed from Engine Mount to Clear
  • Engine and Gun Deck
    Engine and Gun Deck
  • Gun Deck Detail
    Gun Deck Detail
  • Gun Deck with Engines and Guns
    Gun Deck with Engines and Guns
  • Gun Details
    Gun Details
  • Engine Mount with Wire Replacement
    Engine Mount with Wire Replacement

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