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Published: October 3rd, 2016     
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Clarence Wentzel, IPMS# 1096
Scale: 1/72
Company: Quickboost
Price: $8.99
Product / Stock #: FW-200 Condor Exhaust

The Fw-200 was an all-metal four-engine airplane that was originally designed as an airliner. As World War II broke out, it was modified for use for long-range maritime patrol, reconnaissance and as an anti-shipping patrol bomber in addition to a transport. This airplane has been modeled twice in 1/72 scale by Revell but recently Trumpeter have added the airplane to their line-up. The Trumpeter kit is a great improvement on the Revell kits in both detail and accuracy but as always, Aires/Quickboost have found some areas to improve the kit.

The Condor was powered by four nine cylinder air-cooled engines. The exhaust pipes from these engines were routed to the rear of the cowlings and exited under cowl flaps. Probably for better streamlining, the exhaust pipes were divided into three or four separate outlets. Each engine had seven separate areas where the exhaust pipes exited from the cowling. When these are translated to the model, the result is seven small parts that must be glued around each cowling. The first photo shows the kit parts. They are properly shaped on the outside to show the exhausts but seem to be flat on the inside. The parts are somewhat thick and the actual outlet is not shown. The Quickboost parts are very finely molded and are able to clearly show each exhaust opening. Although they are very small, these parts will really make the model pop.


This Quickboost set is a good addition for the modeler that wants to make a more accurate looking model of the Trumpeter Fw-200 Condor. The parts are cleanly molded without any visible defect and the parts are very easy to remove from the pour sprues. Well recommended. A big thank you to Aires/Quickboost for supplying these parts for review. A check of the Aires web site lists worldwide distributors for their products. The parts can be obtained from them as well as from many local hobby shops.

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