Green Lantern

Published: August 2nd, 2012     
Box Art
Box Art
Reviewed by: Phil Peterson - IPMS# 8739
Scale: 1/12
Company: Moebius Models
Price: $29.95
Product / Stock #: 924
Product provided by: Moebius Models

Moebius has been making a name for itself with repops of some old Aurora figure kits mixed in with new kits in the same style. Green Lantern is one of the latter. This 18 piece kit represents him in flying mode, holding down a robot using the power of his ring. The pose is very dynamic. For those of you who don't follow Green Lantern (got to admit I am one of these), this version represents Hal Jordan, a test pilot who gets selected by the Guardians of the Universe to be the first human Green Lantern. The rest of the data you can read on the instruction sheet or the internet.

Hal is 1/12th scale and made up of 12 pieces, 2 each for each hand, boots, head, and body. The parts are molded in green plastic. The breakdown makes it easy to paint the gloves, boots, and head separately, but you will still need to do some masking on the body if you spray him. My kit had the body parts already separate from the sprue and there was a large chunk out chipped of the neck area, but I was able to fill it with milliput. The base is a neat design with the robot molded into the rocky surface. To this you add a 2-part arm and the power hand made up of 2 clear green parts. A name plate tops off the parts count.

The parts fit pretty good, but you will still need to do some seam work to get a show-quality build. My puttying is still not strong, so my pictures are hopefully a little strategic. I used rattle cans for the main painting, with liquid mask to paint the body colors. This is also my first large-scale figure kit that actually has some flesh to paint - luckily, only the head, and I think I did OK there. The base is where I caused myself some problems. I wanted to go for a different look than all the silver bots on brown bases I was seeing online (and how the instructions suggest), so I sprayed it black and used liquid mask so I could spray the bot Bronze. The robot is pretty deeply embedded in the base rocks and as I was trimming off the mask to expose the bot parts, it started to peel along the edges. Well, now, if I sprayed the model like this, I would have to do some major touch up, so I decided to peel the rest off and try hand-painting. The mask, however, had other ideas and did not want to release from the base in more than just small bits. Frustrated, I decided to do some research on the IPMS forum. After some great suggestions I was finally able to soak the kit in water with dish soap and used a toothbrush to scrub it clean. Still not sure I got all the mask, but after painting grey over the base and some light grey highlights, it looked good enough. I was finally able to bring together all the sub-assemblies and after some playing with getting Hal up in the air, it is done.

Along with my Spiderman, I now have a super hero from each of the comic universes. If you are into figure kits and especially super heroes, make sure you pick one of these up. Thanks to Moebius Models for the review sample and IPMS for providing it for review.

  • Box bottom
    Box bottom
  • Parts
  • Base with buried bot
    Base with buried bot

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