Gunze Sangyo Mr Paint Station

Published: April 20th, 2011     
Product as sold
Product as sold
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Tom Jett, IPMS# 46082
Company: Gunze Sangyo
Price: $13.00
Product / Stock #: GT68

When I saw the review list and "Mr Paint Station" and "Gunze" I was thinking this could be cool. In reality it's not exactly what the name implies. What Mr Paint Station is actually is a holding device for painting. What you get in cellophane bag are four 3" x 5" "boxes" that are built so that the corrugation is facing out. These open corrugations then allow you to place toothpicks or other thin holding clamps you may have, into them to hold parts while they dry or perhaps when you paint them.

The cellophane bag shows that Gunze may produce a set of holding sticks that are meant to insert into the corrugation, none are supplied in the Mr Paint Station package. Unfortunately I can't read Japanese, so I don't know what their actual product name is or how much they cost.

Lacking the Gunze holding stick, I tried toothpicks which do work but don't provide a secure hold given they have a smaller diameter than the corrugation. In my opinion, as primarily an armor builder, this item is best served to hold road wheels while paint dries or you weather them, or perhaps to fashion a holding jig.

Overall a handy tool, that I'm sure I'll find more uses for.

Many thanks to Dragon Models and IPMS/USA for the review sample.

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