Halifax B Mk. III Wing Bomb Bays

Published: October 7th, 2016     
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Rod Lees, IPMS# 10821
Scale: 1/72
Company: Eduard
Price: $32.95
Product / Stock #: 72626

Thanks to Eduard for providing more of their excellent aftermarket parts for IPMS USA to review, and to IPMS leadership for sending it to me!

Early British bombers were designed with wing bomb bays; these have been overlooked in the past, but this set brings the mystery of this equipment out of the darkness and improves the appearance and detail of Revell's 1/72 Halifax B III; Consisting of all the requisite improvements for the wing bomb bays, including bomb racks, doors, and mounting hardware.

This set is simple to use; Revell provides convenient guides on the inside of the lower wing sections to make it easy to remove the closed kit doors; use a straight edge and #11 blade to do so. I used thick superglue to attach everything on this set.

A bit of simple folding is required for the bomb interior frames, just be careful of alignment while the glue dries and don't push them too far out past the exterior of the wing. Take your time, and everything fits.

I have not installed the bomb racks, as I am waiting for arrival of aftermarket weapons to fill these empty bays... The photo shows the final result, without the bay doors in place. These are simple and will just be removed from the fret and superglued into place.

Analysis: an excellent set! I have only recently learned to appreciate Eduard details, and these make the model come to life.

Thanks again to Eduard and IPMS leadership for bringing these sets to my door; the Halifax is one of my favorites, and this set made a difference in the final kit's appearance!

  • Wing Bomb Bay Installed
    Wing Bomb Bay Installed

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